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elocin Live a life where joy is a precondition
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To my dearest teachers
Thank you for evoking my imagination and illiciting my vivacious passion
❤ we really appreciate what you do for us !!

T e A c H e R

Thank her for evoking my imagination

Every time she illicits my fiery vivacious passion

Aspiring me to believe and to achieve

Caring, teaching and inspiring

Holistically developing each child to their fullest potential

Each of her students an unpolished gem

Reassuring us that we are valued in her eyes

Meticulously, tirelessly she checks through each script and painstakingly comments on each one.

Inspiring us to spur on and not to give up

She sees the potential in each one of us

She knows the journey that lies ahead is tough, but she tries her very best to teach us to reach; goals, aspirations

Fulfilling more than what her duty calls

Offering a rewarding well of knowledge and an idyllic space for her students to quench their insatiable and thirsty cravings for more

Objective to the issue, seeing each student with rose-coloured glasses; allowing them to be the best version of themselves

M arvelling at every tiny inprovement

Reassuring in each of your compliments

Sensitively emphathetic towards each of our predicaments

You deliberately leave one morsel of knowledge at a time for us to digest and savour; slowly enhancing its flavour by adding more "condiments"

At long last when we graduate; with all of our achievements

Never will we forget all of your commitments

Gruelling as others deem and daunting it may seem, you persist in your efforts in empowering your students to fulfillment

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