The Love Print on My Heart

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One shot LGBTQ+ love story
Ellen have a secret and she have a crush on her neighbors

The Love Print on My Heart

Ellen walk out of her apartment and late for work. She work as a manager in a bar, her working hour is not exactly the regular 9 to 5. She bump into some man that she never met before while rushing out.

"Oh.. Sorry.." Ellen say as she check out the gentleman. "Oh.. Hey.. I'm Charlie, your new neighbours." "I'm Ellen," Ellen offer her hand. They shake hands.

Ellen could have swear she known him from somewhere before. Charlie on the other side less likely to remember Ellen.

"Are you going out?" Charlie ask. "Yes, working," Ellen smiles. "Anyway, I need to go. I will see you again, Charlie!" "Nice to meet you. See you around.."

Ellen do not remember who Charlie was until a week after they met each other and she found Charlie on facebook. Charlie was his ex-boyfriend best friend during collage. Ellen is 31 now so of course it has been a while. Ellen remember that Charlie was the one that help her with her break ups back then.

Charlie was a nice man but that also means that he would never date his best friend ex. And as much as Ellen wants their sexual orientation back then did not align. So after that she start to make plans to set herself up with Charlie. In her spare time, Ellen is a graphic designer for printed T-shirt.

So she design a T-shirt that might jogged Charlie's memory. And also she bake cookies before going to Charlie's place. She was done with preparations a little before 5 pm. She talk a few times during Charlie's first week there. She knows Charlie is working as an IT now that goes home around 6 pm. And he is very single now.

Ellen went to Charlie's place around 6.30 pm. She have a day off that day. She knock on Charlie's door. Charlie opens the door after a few minutes. Charlie stares at Ellen T-shirt print for a full minute. Then he gasp. Ellen print out this on her T-shirt: 'X-Man'

"Eric?" Charlie still have his mouth wide open. "Cookies?" Ellen smiles. "Come in.. I.. Wow.." Charlie barely can put out coherent sentence.

Ellen walk in and put the cookies on the coffee table. She sit in the sofa. Charlie sit next to her and still in shock. They both sit quietly for a bit. "Can I hug you?" Charlie ask at last. "Yes, sure.." Ellen hugs Charlie.

Ellen got close with Charlie after her break up. She keep in touch with Charlie for 2 years, then Charlie move to another state and they lost contact. Charlie is straight and Ellen is a transgender women.

"Ellen, I.." Charlie chocked up on his words. "I'm pansexual now..." "Oh.." "I was in love with you back then. Almost 10 years ago. So after I move to Ohio, I explore my orientation. And I'm sure that I am pansexual now." Ellen smiles.

"So we can try again now?" "Absolutely!" Charlie smiles. Ellen smiles too. Their love to each other printed deeply on their heart back then. And now it comes alive again.

The End

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