How To Be A Lesbian In A Post Zombie Apocalypse World (Part 05)

      How To Be A Lesbian In A                  
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PG - LGBTQ+ - Romance | Xo find out Kay's plan and she is not pleased.

How To Be A Lesbian In A Post Zombie Apocalypse World (Part 05)

Guide on how to be a lesbian in a post zombie apocalyptic world: 5. Patrick stole my notebook.. -.-! But I'm still making a guidebook, so next step after acquiring a girlfriend is take her to romantic date. Your options might be limited but use your creativity.

Xo doodles some drawings of her and Pauline. She is horrible at drawings. So she end up drawing a stick figures of her and Pauline. It's day 5 of her training she is exhausted and grumpy.

So when Patrick teasing her she almost threw him to the floor. But Kay is there and restrain Xo. Patrick apologized, he really did not mean to make her that angry, Xo apologize to Patrick too. They hugs each other after that, but Kay called Xo to see her in her quarter.

Kay is one of the most important soldier for the bunker, she has her own room and it's a lot bigger than anyone's room. No one really complains about it because they are thankful they have Kay as their protector.

She is only a sergeant because she just started a year ago but they already planning to make her a general. "Sit please," Kay gives welcoming gestures to Xo.

Xo sit in the sofa quietly. She think she is in trouble for being that angry to Patrick, she shouldn't be that angry. Patrick is like her little brother.

But he just got to her nerves that day and while it is common for them to pushed each other nerves this is mot the groups anymore.

"Do you have problems with Patrick?" Kay asks. "No.. We always do that the past couple years. I love him like a brother, I'd die for him. But we just get angry sometimes, I'm sorry for my behavior."

"You know him for years?" "Yes, we survived together in our small little group." "I thought you have problems with his orientation, because he got into a lot of troubles for that and I reprimanded every single one of military personnel that have problem with that."

"You call me here for that?" "Well, I just want to do the right thing for Patrick," Kay blushes a little. "He is a brave young man, I admire him. And he told me how hard he struggles in the military before. As his new commanding officer I want that to never happened to him again."

"Mam, we are like siblings, we fight and we make up. I'm just tired emotionally and physically from the training. I lost someone important to me before, I struggles to move on unfortunately."

"Is that why you just joined in? I know Patrick and his friend was joining right away that's why I assumed you don't know him. There was a lot of rumours about you being my competitor," Kay smiles. "No way, Mam. I'm just a weakling," Xo smiles.

"Xo, I want you to be under Patrick team after you are done with your training. He is one man down anyway." "Scott is a little clumsy when it comes to running," Xo chuckles. Kay chuckles too.

"Xo, I'm sending Patrick's team away in a month. We want to attack a tribe that has been stealing from people. There is a possibility you might need to kill human being." "What?! I don't want that.."

Kay sit in silence for a moment. "I know this is not what you signed up for but we need to do this. They planned to attack us too." "Then we beat them when we got attack!" Xo's face turn tense. "Who is this tribe anyway?"

"It's the White Feathers. Their base camp is 3 miles west of our bunker," Kay points at the map. XO shakes her head, she heard about that tribe before but she does not think they can fight the government. Something does not feels right for her.

"If you want to kill human that much, you should do it yourself! Don't make Patrick do this for you!" "You do know that Patrick shot human before, right? And most of his team is mostly military or police officer. They shot someone before this."

"But things changed! We lost a lot of people already!" "Patrick knew about this plan and he agrees to do this. Except if you have other idea to prevent this I'm not going to cancel the plan."

"Do you actually have intel on them?" "No, but Patrick's team can handle them I'm sure." "Wiped them out? That's what you mean as handling are, right?"

"Look, we decide on this, except if you have better idea I am not backing out of this." "Who decide on that?" "The government. We got direct order."

"I need to go. Can I go, Mam?" Xo abruptly stand up . "Sure. You're dismissed," Kay waves her hand. She knew Xo is angry with her. But this mission is important for their bunkers.

Xo went out with angers and she heads to Patrick's and Scott's quarter. She slammed the door open but only Scott is there. "Where's your boyfriend?!" Xo ask angrily.

"He is in the shooting range. What's with you?" "Do you know that Kay will send your team to kill human?!" Xo closed the door behind her. "What?!" "Exactly!"

"Patrick never told me.." "Scott, let's get out. Let's scout them, I don't want Patrick barge into their camp without intel and knowing what really happen. There must be some explaination why they want to attack us."

"They want to attack here? Are they crazy?" "My thoughts exactly. It does not make sense. They will die before trying. Look, I do not blame Kay or Patrick for now because we don't know anything yet. But my guess this hit order comes from way above and they don't really know why they told to do so."

"Really?" "Let's just go, Scott. If you love Patrick you will do this for him." Scott stares Xo for a little bit. He sighs. "You are right unfortunately. But just the two of us, no one else. If we get killed no one else get killed because of our stupidity."

"It is pretty stupid isn't it?" Xo chuckles. "We've done worst. But you are right, I love Patrick too much to let him fly blindly." "Xo, don't tell Pauline.."

"I won't. We'll go with bike first light tomorrow?" "Sure. I have no idea how to smuggle the weapons out though."

"We are in military just said I'm training with you. I'll smuggle some stuff out tonight." "Okay, just be careful. We can't get caught before we do anything."

"You know me, Scott.." Xo winks. "Ok, I need to get ready." "See you tomorrow.." Scott hugs Xo and let her go.

They rendezvous the next morning and as Xo planned they manage to get out easily. Both of them does not tell anyone including their love one.

Xo and Scott know that although Patrick is the best fighter out of them both he is the youngest and he could do something completely horrible sometimes. They both left behind their phones too so they can't get tracked.

They stash most of their stuff except for axe and baseball bat because they know the Tribe will take everything from them to let them join.

They walk half a mile but a few feet before the entry someone grabbed them from behind. As they see who it is Scott face turn pale white and Xo hold her breath as she saw the person too.

To be continued...

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