A Little Announcement... πŸ’™

A Little Announcement... πŸ’™ announcement stories
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ellierose93131 Mostly on wattpad now - @Ellierose93131
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Read! Or not! Well.. I just need to say this, I suppose.. πŸ˜…

A Little Announcement... πŸ’™

First of all, Thank you for all those who follows me.. πŸ’™πŸ’™ Please give your comments so I can read and appreciate your works too (I have ADHD, hard for me to keep up sometimes). Secondly, I still have competition going, so please join if you haven't already!

The next one is.. I am going to stop doing NaNoWriMo shorts here, the prompt is getting.. too far from my actual purpose to be here.. I am here to write about positive attitudes against discrimination and topics such as LGBTQ is my main focus. Or just simply to write romance stories...

I have ADHD, I can easily lost my focus so.. Yeah, no more puppy short stories- unfortunately.. πŸ˜…

The next next one, I will be posting less my own short stories here, because I'm focusing on finishing my novel on wattpad this month, so far doing good with 21k words over 13 days. It's very mature and explicit. Adults can DM me for links.. I will need a copy of your ID tho' (kidding).. lol!

Also, I will be focusing on writing an epic cheesy Christmas love stories. It will be starting after Thanksgiving. No, I'm not leaving.. yet.. 😘

The next thing... I am launching collaboration with @dreaminnlivin, one of the user that pushed me to keep going from the start. And unfortunately ending my longest running series collabs with @talestocryover. Because, reasons.. happy reasons.. ☺️ Please send your love to this two amazing writers! πŸ’™πŸ’™

And last but not least! If you want collaboration works please do message me. I'm always open to do one. (Remember, I have ADHD, it's not that I don't care - I'm just easily distracted).. πŸ˜… With loveπŸ’™πŸ’™ Eli/Ellie

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