The Beast and Beauty
The Beast and Beauty shortstorybash17 stories
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Beauty and the beast from the beast's perspective

The Beast and Beauty

by ellieg

Once upon a time a handsome prince lived alone in a lovely palace. He was a good man, just a bit shy. He turned away all potential wives, not because he didn’t want to marry he just liked quiet.

One day, an older woman approached the handsome prince’s door. He turned her away, like all the rest. She begged for what seemed liked hours to the introverted prince.

She sulked away mumbling under her breath, after the prince told her for the millionth time he had no interest in marrying.

Exhausted by the social experience, he walked tiredly through the halls of his castle. It was until he sat down for a dinner and was drinking from his chipped cup...

he noticed how incredibly hairy his hands were. Certainly they weren’t always like that, he pondered. He dismissed this as a simple illusion that was sprouted by his extreme hunger.

As the prince slumped upstairs to go to bed, he tripped over his large feet. Oh how big they appeared! Perhaps he was feeling a bit under the weather. He bit his lip as he fell.

His fangs pierced his lips… wait fangs?! The prince rushed immediately to a mirror where he discovered that his handsome figure had been replaced by a beastly mane.

That old woman at the door, he thought, his vision was distorted as he ran about crazed by his own reflection.

He heard a slight tapping ahead of him. He raised his head, fur hanging in his eyes to see a candlestick bouncing toward him. the prince wasn’t even surprised to see a walking inanimate object.

“The woman you sent away was a sorcerous,” the candlestick explained. “To break the curse, you must find a wife.”

“No one would want to marry a monster,” the prince wailed. “Also, I’m far too shy to speak to girls.”

After what seemed like forever to the introverted prince, the candlestick forced the beastly prince out from the safety from his isolated castle into the complexity of the city.

Naturally, everyone in the city was petrified of the monster and his pet candle. It certainly wasn’t something you’d see everyday.

They visited each shop on every block in vain. All of the available ladies fled. The prince grumbled the whole time about how this was a pointless social experience.

The last shop was a small bookstore. The young woman who owned the shop, clearly identified by her confident and authoritative demeanor, had her back to the him as he squeezed in the door.

“How may I help you, sir?” she asked. She turned. The prince knew it was over before she even said another word. Surprisingly, the storekeeper seemed unfazed. “Sir?” she asked again.

“Why haven’t you fled like the rest?” the prince replied. “There’s more to a person than their appearance, sir. My name’s Belle. Perhaps I can interest you in some poetry?”

The prince followed Belle through the store as she chatted away. The prince slowly gained confidence and started speaking to her as well. He realised that maybe people aren’t that bad.

The couple soon fell in love. They got married soon after. The prince returned to his normal self. They managed the bookstore together and lived happily ever after.

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