A Trip Down Memory Lane
A Trip Down Memory Lane happiness stories

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Journey to happiness

A Trip Down Memory Lane

by ellieg


I am trapped. I am trapped and living inside of my head. I try to escape, and live in the moment but I cannot. Instead, I must venture through my past.

Better Times

I start my journey in this fantasy world. I travel through memories of better times. My past self is swinging at a park and laughing with friends.

Sun Set

The Sun begins to set. The light fades away and so does my happiness. I walk blindly through the dark, confused. I slip and nearly fall down a deep canyon which would have led to certain death.

Fighting Temptation

I am tempted to release my grasp on the edge of the rock, but I don’t. I must fight the sadness. I hoist myself up and resume my walk through memory lane.


It is night time and very dark. I want to escape this melancholic world. But it’s hopeless to even try. I can't change the past or forget it. My feet occasionally slip on bits on loose rock.


I become weaker with every step. A glimmer of daylight ahead gives me hope and brings tears to my eyes. I reach desperately for it.

Sun Rise

I know it is there and I know now that with every dark, rough part of life, joy will return and the sun will rise again.

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