The Lightning Man
The Lightning Man horror stories

elleseng Built a castle from bricks thrown at me.
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Whatever you do, don't feed the lightning man.

The Lightning Man

Whatever you do, don't feed the lightning man.

Five years ago, a man named Jim Nightshade was brutally murdered. A note was found next to his body.

i will be hungry again.

Now, his five-year old daughter Freya plays innocently in her front yard, when a homeless man approaches her. "I'm starving, please, if you have any food..."

Freya pulls out a granola bar from her pocket, and the man's yellow eyes light up. Mama had told her not to talk to strangers, but she had also said to be kind to people.

Freya had a pure soul, so she handed her snack over to the man, who gnashed his teeth excitedly. He scarfed the bar down, wrapper and all, and looked eagerly at the girl, wanting more.

"That's all I have." Freya was afraid of the glazed look in his eyes and his creepy smile. She ran back inside.

Late that night, she's sleeping, when a bolt of lightning streaks across her window. Freya bolts awake, screaming. There's a note on her blankets, illuminated by the lightning storm.

i'm hungry

Freya runs downstairs, throws open the pantry, and dumps all the food onto the floor. "Take it!" She screams hysterically. A flash of lightning, and all the food is gone.

A voice. Rumbling like a hungry stomach... "I'm hungry, Freya."

"I gave you all I have!" She sobs. A shadow flashes in front of her, gnarled teeth dripping with saliva, bloodshot eyes, hands reaching out to snatch her...

"No, there's still meat in this house." The Lightning Man smacks his teeth with a blood-stained tongue. "I already got your mother."

Freya's shrieks echo off the walls, but nobody can hear over the storm. The monster shoves her to the ground, forcing himself on top of her. His tongue presses sickly against her skin.

"Warm, fresh meat" he murmurs.

The last thing Freya remembered was the scraping of his scalpel-like teeth as they cut into her skin.

My very first horror story on Commaful... did I scare you a little? -elleseng

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