The Inkdragon
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A story for @inkdragon's contest. My first Commaful short story... enjoy!

The Inkdragon

She sat in the cafeteria by herself

notebook propped on her lap

scribbling wildly

They called her the Inkdragon

doodling wherever she went with her markers and pens

leaving a little trail of art behind her

Mesmerizing though she was, nobody could approach her

for she'd roar like fire and fly away

Her drawings grew increasingly intense,

frenzied and urgent

frenzied and urgent until

one day the Inkdragon disappeared

nobody ever saw her again

All that was ever found was her notebook

To this day, the school wall hosts a permanent display of her art

Her doodles on the desks remain untouched

Now all the new students know the legend

of the Inkdragon

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