Letters to the King
Letters to the King letter stories

elleseng i miss you.
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Welcome to my first part of royal letters. Enjoy! (Who doesn't appreciate a good love triangle?)

Letters to the King

To the King,

My heart is racing, my temperature rising, for all I can think of is you.

Do you remember that day in the palace?

A brief touch of your lips on mine, but then you had to go again.

I wish that my blood was royal like yours, so that we could be together.

But if you see me as special, you'll have to tell me, because otherwise I'll never know.

All my love, Your admirer

To the King,

Don't think that I am foolish, for I have seen the way that you look at that peasant girl.

Well, if you wanted to be closer to her then you got your wish.

Tomorrow, her head will be hanging from the rafters and you'll be able to watch her all you want then.

Sweet dreaming my love, the Queen

Thanks for reading, leave a comment below about which letter you liked better! P.S. Letters to the Queen coming soon! -elleseng

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