Commaful Advice Column! (Issue 3)
Commaful Advice Column! (Issue 3) advicecolumn stories

elleseng We won't take the shame anymore.
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Commaful's Advice Column w/ @wafflecatz and @stitchastory!

Commaful Advice Column! (Issue 3)

Welcome back to Commaful's very own Advice Column! Since we're on holiday, let's keep this short.

If you're looking for advice, comment below or DM me! I'll pass it onto one of the other four amazing people on the advice column!

These people are -@aspendao -@wafflecatz -@goldenflame -@stitchastory If you're interested in being on the advice panel, let me know :)

Now to the letters:

Dear CAC,

I have this toxic friend who always ends up hurting the others around her. She has problems and she can't help that, but she constantly hurts me with her words and actions. I'm not sure what to do :( -aguamenti

Dear aguamenti, Try talking to your friend. If you can, help her slowly mold her attitude into something better... but if she is physically hurting you (like hitting you) I suggest you talk to a parent or guardian. You can avoid her while remaining friendly, too. -@wafflecatz (w/ @elleseng)

Dear CAC,

I have always felt singled out, even though no one has actually told me or done anything that could have told me with body language. There are so many things that I feel have caused this;

my glasses, my braces, my zits, my ability to create an entire novel in my head with only a six-minute animated short film for inspiration, but it's not like i can do anything about them. Could you give me some advice to help me feel better about myself? -firefox55

Dear @firefox55, First off, to create an entire novel in your head is amazing! As far as feeling singled out, the truth is you are not alone in that feeling. Try to remind yourself everyday how special you are, even if it is just looking in the mirror before your online school (or work) and saying "I'm awesome!".

It might feel silly at first, but complimenting oneself, can make one feel better about themselves. The other is to reach out to people like you! You can start with people on Commaful. Try meeting other people who can also gather a bunch of inspiration from something small. Like the dailyprompt people for example. Your group is out there waiting for you!

That's all for now, folks! Comment below or send a DM if you want some advice :)

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