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Two letters answered this week... new panelist-in-training, @notanauthor!

Commaful Advice Column!

Hi everyone, hope you're doing well!

A quick notice: this column posts every Sunday, and your letters will be rotated through the panelists. Also, we have a new panelist in training, @notanauthor!!

Today we have two letters to answer. Comment below or DM me with any letters you may have :)

Dear CAC,

I love Commaful, and I'm not usually the type of person to ask for likes or followers, but how do I know if people really like my posts?

I always have been wanted to get to do a collab with all these famous Commafulians, so people will notice me.

But anyways, sometimes I feel like everybody else in Commaful is just out there in their own world, and I'm alone in the Commaful dust. What do I do?

-Confused Commafulian.

Dear Confused Commafulian,

I definitely get that feeling! I had it when I was starting out and still had it for a while after. The truth is it takes time to build an audience on Commaful and see large like numbers.

The best thing is to just write what you want. What you care about and have interest in. People will find you.

BUT if you want to be really analytical about it and see who is seeing your work and liking it, track the likes with your posts.

It is normal for most people who don't have 150+ followers to usually get 1-20 likes on regular posts (stories, poems, art).

Just look to see where YOU (not other users) get likes and where you don't.

What did you write about? Did they increase a little over time, stay the same, or lessen? What is the like range? Try the daily prompt or open collabs too.

Those will get people used to seeing your work and then some may click on your profile and read your other posts. Take your time. We'll find you


Dear CAC,

I have no clue how to flirt. I'm sick of being single and I want a mans. I've watched videos on how to flirt, but the tips are stupid and men comment on the videos saying that the tips are dumb.

I've got a feeling you'll just say to be myself, which is true, but is there an action I can do to make guys feel attracted to me? Like, is there something you do that always works?

Or maybe something you wear that gets a guy's attention?

Yours truly, Professional single Pringle

Dear Professional single Pringle,

Trying to force flirt is definitely a big turn-off... It's always better to feel comfortable than awkward.

I'm sure you have a wonderful personality, so use that to your advantage, to be charming and funny. Try to do stuff with them that makes memories and connections between you.

And get to know them/talk to them, show that you listen :) As for looks, simple stuff like switching up your hairstyle and wearing flattering clothing helps. Hope this helped!


There is one letter I haven't answered yet, and that's because this post is really long, so I'll include it in next week. Don't forget to send in your letters!

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