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CAC is Back!!! cac stories

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The Commaful Advice Column is back and better than ever! In this issue, I am going to explain how the renovated CAC will work, and we'll answer some letters!

CAC is Back!!!

The Commaful Advice Column is back and better than ever! In this issue, I am going to explain how the renovated CAC will work, and we'll answer a letter!

So, we have eight advisors: @elleseng, @aspendao, @wafflecatz, @goldenphoenix, @stitchastory, @cloudy_flame, @notanauthor, and @rowan0530!

If you would like an advice letter answered, simply fill out the form in the comments. In this form, you can select which advisor you would prefer to answer your letter.

Note that an advisor will only answer one letter per week, so you may or may not get your first choice, but you'll almost always get either your first or second!

Now, here are some unanswered letters!

Dear CAC,

I have a friend who's always really mean to her sister. I know it's none of my business, but I feel bad for her sister.

She said she felt felt like she was being abused, but my friend just blew it off and threw a bunch of insults at her.

I don't like how she's treating her, but I don't know what to say - or if I can even say anything. What should I do? Is there anything I can?

- A concerned friend

Dear A concerned friend,

I suggest that you sit down with your friend and talk about this. Say that the way your friend is treating her sister is bothering you and you'd like for it to stop.

Don't be mean about it, just say your concerns politely while also getting straight to the point.

If you don't want to confront your friend face to face about this, then you could also go and tell your friend's parents and explain the situation.

If your friend refuses to see your point of view or stop what she was doing before, however, then it'd be for the best to stop being friends with her.

Also, take the time to comfort your friend's sister.

I don't know what she's going through, but I can almost guarantee that she probably has low self-esteem and feels lonely right now, so if you make the effort to be her friend,

then I'm positive that that would make her day. I hope what I said helps!


Dear CAC,

im writing this from a separate account, id rather my friends not worry about my issues if they see this. i hope its all right. oh and hi.

Anyways as of late i've been detached from everything i used to love doing, writing has become more of a job than a fun thing i like doing, i could care less if my friends talked to me or not,

same with my family, i dont have any more motivation to exercise nor do i care about my school work, which i kind of always liked doing..

I looked it up and it came up with 'anhedonia', but im not depressed, apart from the lack of pleasure in things i dont have any of those symptoms, i dont have any mental health issues either.

im a little distraught, ive been thinking that maybe my family life (which is going down hill) is contributing to this.. i cant really tell anyone and well..

i have no idea how to deal with this, any thoughts?


Dear detached,

I think you should plan out your posting and writing time. Say something like this to yourself: "Okay, so I'll post two stories today and 3 stories tomorrow." Spread it out a little.

And as for school, you can try talking to your teachers, or try to to stress much about your work. I'm sure your teachers would love to help.

If you want, you could try talking to your family and friends and just talk to them about how you've been feeling.

If they're you friends and family, they would understand, I can promise you that.

For exercise, sometimes we don't have motivation to do it, I can say myself, but we're all getting better at it at different paces.

Try just walking around your block every now and then, if you'd like to. Just remember not to stress to much! I hope this helped!


Dear CAC,

See there is a guy I really really like, and he likes me. However I'm not allowed to date (;-;). But he is really sweet and wrote a poem for me! <3 I really don't know what to do...

Is it ok to defy my parents for him...?


Dear ConfusedLovebird,

This is definitely a hard question to answer without knowing most of the details about your relationship, but I'll try my best :) If you've known him for a good amount of time,

and are pretty sure that he's a genuine, good person, then I would say go for it! It's very sweet that he wrote a poem for you.

Maybe over time, say after a couple weeks or a month or so of dating, you could try to bring up the topic to you parents.

If you told them that you and this guy had mutual feelings for each other, would they be upset about that?

If so, then I would advise trying to stay calm and collected and speak logically about your thoughts to them.

One last note is, I don't know how old you are, so if you are around the age of 12-13 or younger, then yes, maybe you are a bit too young to date, but if you're 15+,

then you're definitely getting into the dating age. Hope this helped!


That's all the letters for now! If you have a letter, you can DM it to me, or leave it in the forms in the comments!


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