The Purple Planet
The Purple Planet super hero stories

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A woman finds a new planet in one of her trips out of earth, and discovers something during her visit.

The Purple Planet

I was staring at the sky one night When I saw a big bright star. It shone from behind the clouds And I thought it doesn't seem too far.

So I jumped up and down To get me in the mood. It's been long since I've done this. Now, I'm not sure if I could.

But when I was about to give up, My body started to float. Up, up and away I go, There's no more time to gloat.

I went past the moon, Zoomed from Mars until Pluto. Then saw a big purple planet which I approached with much gusto.

As I descended into the place, I saw something familiar. It was an Earth-like rain forest. It doesn't really look peculiar.

While hovering above the trees, I saw a hole in the ground. I dived into it without hesitation. And heard a windy sound.

The tunnel had an exit. It felt cold on the other side. When I finally popped out of it, I think I almost cried.

Moments ago I was undergound. But now, I'm falling from the sky. I quickly flapped my arms and legs Then remembered that I could fly.

I steadied myself And shook the jitters away. I looked down below And everything was gray.

I saw a big industrialized city Floating in the water. Then some people saw me gliding A father and his young daughter.

They waved at me from below. Then I heard the father say, "Someday, you'll be able to do that, too." "But I wish there's another way."

I smiled at them and left. Shot up to the sky and back. I realized that it was my old home that I visited. It was purely from luck.

Because when people like me learn to fly, We must leave our planet behind To search for other places to protect A new home to find.

Once we settled in a new place. We tend to forget everything. Our past memories disappear. The purple planet becomes nothing.

So I am looking forward to that day When I would be staying for good In the comforts of my real home. For as long as I could.

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