Trembling Hands

Trembling Hands sailing stories

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"That was the moment I knew he had lied."

Short excerpt from the thrilling short story "Trembling Hands" by myself, E.R. Blair.

Trembling Hands

I remembered how Ed had begged me

to get into a boat with the other women,

but I had only smiled,

and gently put my hand onto his, and said,

“Whatever happens, I’m not leaving you.”

After that he had given up trying.

I remembered then how he had lifted his hand to my back.

I could still feel his slightly trembling touch,

trying to ease my restless mind,

or maybe to ease his.

"It will be alright."

He had said, looking out over the ship's railing

and into the endless sea of darkness.

That was when the ship's floor

seemed to succumb to gravity

under my very feet.

That was when the screaming began.

That was the moment I knew he had lied.

By E.R. Blair

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