I Love The Way You Hurt Me
I Love The Way You Hurt Me love stories
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elijahsarver Irony (N). A poet at a loss for words.
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I Love The Way You Hurt Me

I love the way you hurt me, Your words know how to bruise. They tear me open, tear me down, As they slip away from you.

At first I wasn't ready, You wanted something more, But now I say I love you, And you say you're not sure.

I'm giving up, I'll let you win, I'm yours if you'll just let me in. I fell for you, fall for me, I swear I'll give you anything.

I need the way you hate me, Your fire is my light. It heats me up, then burns me down, And it keeps me warm at night.

We broke up, got back together, This time I thought It'd be forever. I tell the truth, I'm open wide, You read my story, call it lies.

All I asked for, all I prayed, Take my hand, we'll fly away. I believe, I try and try. You rip my heart out, Watch me die.

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