A Dream
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elijahsarver Irony (N). A poet at a loss for words.
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I know I usually do poetry, but I had a dream and decided to share it.

A Dream

One night I dreamed that I lived by a stream. The stream was small and still, no more than an ankle's depth.

But when I stepped into the water, it wrapped around my neck.

It felt between asleep and awake, neither dead nor alive. Cool and calm, like walking through fog.

I followed it away from home.

The water was heavy, or was it light? It kept around my neck. I tried to rise, it pulled me down, but let me keep my breath.

Around one corner, facing another, and I stop dead where I am.

Black as night, thicker around than my arm, scales shimmering like starlight, not a foot ahead, a serpent crossed my path. It sees me but I am not scared, the serpent doesn't move.

I turn to go back home again, and another had crossed the path behind me.

And then I just woke up.

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