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Demon Slayer with my own OC's (Which I am STILL working on! Please bear with me), and also Susamaru (the the temari demon)has a sister now.

Demon Slayer story

"Jinsoku! Can we play tag?" My little brother, Kanpeki, says in his small, seven year-old voice. Behind him is a procession of my younger siblings, and Haru, the neighbor boy.

I make eye contact with Haru, and he shrugs with a, who-could-stop-them? face.

While he shrugged, he also slipped up the longing to also play tag, even though he was eleven years old, my siblings preserved his youthful spirit.

The reason for my hesitated response was not a loath for them to have fun, or that I wanted to do something else rather than supervise them.

But the fact that sunset was two hours ago, our parents were asleep, and it was well past my sibling's bed time.

Seeing Hayai peek his head out of his room and give me a stern expression with harmless-child-joy dancing in the back of his eyes, it was difficult to argue.

"You have to be very quiet until we get out of the house, tip toes." I whisper, as Hayai joins in the hall victoriously. Everyone nodded, and we tiptoed quietly outside.

As soon as everyone was out the door, I continued with instructions.

"Okay, it's late so no yelling. We don't want to wake the entire village. Also we shouldn't play too deep in the woods, if you see the creek you've gone too far."

"We should probably have partners too. Saishu, you're with Hayai." I point to my two year old brother and to my twin twelve year old brother.

Hayai hoists him on his shoulders and Saishu flings his little arms around his neck. A grin spreads on my face, such an adorable team.

"Aki no tanjo, you're with Haru," pointing at my youngest sister and the rather clumsy and chaotic neighbor boy.

Aki sweetly holds his hand and makes eye contact with him, smiling innocently. Her smile wormed its way directly into his heart and soul, as he smiled back, with both mouth and eyes.

"And Sukoshi with Kanpeki."

I point at the five year old girl who has nearly the same personality as Aki, sweet and innocent (towards certain people, unlike Aki who loves everyone she meets),

and towards the middle brother who is competitive and reckless when it comes to tag, or any game for that matter. Sukoshi takes a small step in his direction, with a disgusted demeanor.

I step back and admire the teams, after a moment Kanpeki complains impatiently, "Can we start now?"

Sukoshi slaps him on the face just hard enough for it to turn a pale red, and Kanpeki immediately overreacts, letting out a long and loud, "Ooooow!"

and I take a quick leap towards him and cover his mouth with my hand.

"Do you want to play or not?" I drop my hand, expecting him to behave himself. "But she-" "Then you can go to bed." "Noo-!" I press my index finger to my lips and raise my eyebrows. "Sorry."

He whispers under his breath.

I smile as if nothing happened and put a hand in front of my eyes. "Ten," I hear them gasp and trot towards the woods ahead. "Nine," Their heavy feet hitting the earth grow distant.

"Eight," the sounds of a few sets of feet can be heard very faintly. "Seven," Any sound emitted from their feet is swallowed up by the rustling leaves in the wind.

"Six, five, four," Why do I feel so alert and worried? It's been such a small feeling ever since Kanpeki asked me to play, so small it barely felt any different than normal.

"Three," But when Hayai looked at me, it grew a little, when we came outside, it grew more, and when I picked teams, my heart was definitely beating much quicker.

"Two," Now there's a cold sweat, and my hands are almost shaking too. I must calm down, but I don't know what's wrong! Maybe that doesn't matter.

Besides, if there is no problem yet, no need to be anxious, the optimistic voice in my head says. "One."

My hand drops to my side and my eyes open, and I dash towards the woods. Running has always been a strength of mine, I'm even faster than Hayai and that is no small feat.

Perhaps I aim for him first, although it will take some wit. He's always about strategy, saving the fun for when he wins rather than having half the fun in anticipation for the tagger.

Last game, which was in daylight, he climbed up a tree. He wouldn't be able to do that today since he had Saishu on his back.

Even if he had put Saishu down, the latter most likely wouldn't be able to climb a tree. As I jog, something catches my eye. A single set of prints in the muddy earth beneath the underbrush.

It must be him, who else could it be?

I start jogging alongside Hayai's prints, and notice a carving in a tree. Could it be a life size footprint?

I stopped, and doubled back to examine it. Hayai was wearing sandals, he wasn't barefoot.

and he couldn't kick a tree at eye level forceful enough to leave a mark, he would injure his leg! And besides, his prints are still in the mud, it's not like he randomly decided to kick a tree.

Whatever, maybe one of the neighbors carved it, I thought to myself.

I returned to Hayai's prints, and observed they were more spread out, he was running. I quickened my pace to a sprint, passing more footprints in the trees. They were getting deeper.

"HAYAI!" crying out in pure panic and fright. I felt adrenaline rush through my body as I saw a tree lying on the ground cracked right where the footprint's soul was.

This was no neighbor's carving.

After running full speed for about five minutes past the creek I arrived at the scene. Hayai was lying with splattered blood on his shoulders, crying silently in the base of a hollow tree.

Blood was dripping about ten feet away from him, and I lifted my head.

A figure with black hair in pigtails fading into red, light gray skin, nails half the size of it's long fingers, and a yellow kimono with maroon stains, crouched over a small bundle; the source of the blood.

The sound of ripping of flesh echoes through the deep, silent woods, and the remembrance of Saishu's absence on Hayai's bloody back sends a feeling of dread creeping over my body.

Every part of me wants to stand still, to not deal with the situation, to pinch myself and wake up from this nightmare.

But adrenaline enters my blood stream yet again, and I grab Hayai's arm splattered with blood, Saishu's blood, and retreat.

I try to sprint nimbly so that my footsteps aren't too loud, but Hayai was still in shock, his mouth wide open and wet cheeks. He was not in a mood to be remotely graceful.

A sound, similar to a blunt ax hitting wood, yet much louder, came behind us, coming closer. More adrenaline pushed into me, and I refused to look back.

I was going to find everyone before anyone had the same fate as Saishu.

I was outrunning the sound for a while, but all things come to an end. The noise went much faster and louder, and seconds later the carnivorous girl I saw earlier lands in front of me.

She gives me a deranged smile, filled with sharp fangs. "Are you playing without me?" she says, amused, and hungry.

Hang tight for background pictures! :)

I hope you liked it, and I am going to write the second chapter as soon as I can, but it will take several weeks, maybe a month. So yeah. Bai!

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