Head Full of Curls
Head Full of Curls lgbtq stories
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egotistical I'm a genderfluid biromantic asexual.
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Head full of curls is about my struggle with my parents not accepting me, but accepting my brother because he's cis and straight. It also mentions the fact that I've run out of my medication.

Head Full of Curls

I've run out of my medication.

It cost 604$ to be sane each month.

I have no liberation, just damnation.

I have a hunch,

that you'll never accept me.

You'll leave me to despair for eternity.

I'm not the child you wanted

and now you feel conned

But if I'm not the child you wanted,

what if my brothers are?

You just wanted a happy little girl,

not a mess who wants short hair

Someone who puts a bounce in your step,

just a head full of curls.

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