I tried to put myself into words

eggfriendput 2 and 2 2gether
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i wrote this for a school magazine. imagine watching a movie at a movie theater and you're fully imersed into the movie and you snap out of it and you remember youre in the theater. thats what life is like for me except there is no theater and i cant snap out of it.

I tried to put myself into words

by becky t.

I usually wake up into a mindset

where my words are still owned by my dreams from the night before. The questioning of time and space are common conversations for the others in my head.

By others I mean me and by me I mean others.

I am who I am and I realize that but I cannot recognize the reality infront of me. Dreams exercise these thoughts and these thoughts exercise my reality.

My slurred words and big thoughts

are a toxic concoction for breakthroughs.

Once you get to the point

of existential questioning, where I am, I’ll feel sorry for you. Once you feel like you're not control ling your body, as I am, I’ll feel lost with you.

When you're suddenly

on autopilot and everything around you seems fake I’ll relate with you.

I wish I could still be in the world

where I don't question everything.

My own curiosity and broad mind

has destroyed my self recognition, for the place between reality and surreality is my home.

An abandoned location

waiting to be filled with ideas and writings created by the mind.

For now stay in the present world.

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have obviously survived.This free flow of thought stimulates both thinking and from me memory. I hear you thinking. You have obviously survived. That is everything. Surviving the world around you is an important victory. I grounded myself by learning everything I could about math. It never equivocates there is alway a correct answer. That answer is the same no matter who does the calculation. I found that mathematics was an anchor tom which I could cling.

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fantastic!! very thoughtful