City Lights
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edward_kenway Community member
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As I sat under the tree, the autumn leaves littered the paths that meandered this bliss, painting a mural, shifting under the wind, ever transient, but all I could see, all I could make out under the golden waves of those autumn fall, was you, mi amor.....

City Lights

I walk barefoot at the crack of dawn, In this city of shady parts,

Through the groves of haunted memories, Down the streets of broken hearts,

The playground of hope was never so silent, Abandoned a long time ago, it seems,

And I mused this while strolling under the starless sky, By the creek of shattered dreams,

The broken twigs of trust littered my path, The tears of bleeding souls laden in air like mist,

The dew on the maple glistened crimson from The unrequited lover's slitted wrist,

I know where this road ends, yet I trudge on, To where Regret and Lament always sit guard in tatters,

In the cemetery of unfulfilled kisses, Overlooking the cremation of unsigned love letters...

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