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It's hard, but you can do it.

You can leave

by edengracet

I used to think I couldn't leave my toxic relationship

I thought that no one would love me again if I left you. So I spent years in a relationship​ where I spent everyday in fear, and pain.

Then I looked around and I realized I had two choices​

Die, or leave. I had been dying throughout the course of our relationship. So I packed up and left, hoping that you wouldn't notice, and try to find me.

I had left, and now I was lost

I didn't know who to be without you

Then I started to tell my story

I started writing about our relationship. At first, no one noticed, and then I started getting messages about women and men who had gone through the exact same thing.

Now I know that I am not just the girl you pushed around

I am a woman who has gone through a lot, but is getting better. I am strong. I am better than you. And most of all, I inspire.

And you don't get to take that from me.

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