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I didn't understand abuse until it happened to me.


by edengracet

I didn't ask to be abused.

I didn't even realize it as abuse at first.

It started with him being slightly too possessive.

I thought it was hot, I never had a guy who wanted me by him at all times. But then he wouldn't let me go anywhere without him.

Then month after month he got more controlling.

I brushed aside my friends concerned by saying it's just his personality, but secretly I was getting concerned.

It started with me telling him where I was at all times.

It ended with me not being able to leave his side.

I never thought I would be abused.

I was too strong, too independent. But it happened.

Soon I was being hit at least once a day.

People didn't understand how I kept making excuses for his behavior. Hell, I didn't understand why I was making excuses for him.

He broke me, then molded me into what he wanted.

I wasn't someone to love in his mind, I was something to control.

It took him kicking my dog to leave him.

I realized that even though I stopped protecting myself, I should never have stopped protecting those who relied on me.

I ran to my best friends house.

I was terrified that she would turn me away because I wasn't allowed to talk to her for so long. She took one look at me and pulled me inside.

I still don't understand how I ended up in that relationship

But writing his has helped me understand more.

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