Too Much and Not Enough
Too Much and Not Enough toomuch stories

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I've always been to much. But I thought I was just enough for you.

Too Much and Not Enough

I've always been too much.

Too loud, too messy, too fat, just altogether too much.

So why wasn't I enough for you?

You said you loved how much I was. You saw how I loved too much and much too hard.

You saw how I hated myself just enough to let you in.

You saw everything, and instead of helping, you used everything you saw against me.

I was too much for others.

But I was supposed to be just enough for you.

You told me every day how I wasn't enough. How I would never be enough.

But I know I am enough. Especially without you.

I might not be enough for you, or anyone else.

But I am exactly enough for me.

And you don't get to take that from me anymore.

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