Did you ever love me?
Did you ever love me? beautiful stories

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I guess you never loved me.

Did you ever love me?

by edengracet

There is one question I ask myself over and over

Did you ever love me? You would whisper it to me as we laid in bed, or as I left for work,. But now I wonder, did you ever love me?

I used to think that there was no way you didn't love me

But then I saw you with her. You looked so happy. It had only been a week. I was still in the "eat ice cream in my pj's" stage of a breakup.

I used to think she was just a rebound

Until it was six months later, and people were tagging you as #couplegoals. Then I started to wonder if you loved me, how could you move on so fast?

Then I saw the ring

I saw the I said yes!!!" caption and I had to wonder why wasn't I the one posting about a beautiful ring, and the wonderful​ man who gave it to be

Then I got drunk alone and texted you

Did you ever love me? I texted staring at the gray bubble, waiting for a reply

Two weeks later​ you texted me back

"No" then "Please don't text me again​"

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