The man and the wife
The man and the wife themanandthewife stories

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The man and the wife

by e2halo

Once there was a man that had a wife. Little did he know, that the wife only married him for his money. They lived together, made a family and a life. He thought everything was perfect.

As his life was nearing to an end, the wife saw a chance. One night, she murdered her husband and got away with it. All of the money was given to her. One night when she was walking home

from the bank with all her money, she saw a shadowy figure lurking about. "Who goes there." She called out. "Meee." Said a raspy and familiar voice. "You have what belongs to me,"

"Who are you!" The woman boomed as she grew agitated. "Someone you never wish you messed with!" The man dove after her and absorbed her and took her to the underworld.

They say if the weather is right, you can still hear her screams.

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