How Does BB-8 From Star Wars Work?

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There are lots of theories going around on how the BB-8 droid from Star Wars works. One theory is putting an over-sized hamster in the ball and dangling food in front of him. Yes - that's possible! But we suggest a simpler, and more humane way.

How Does BB-8 From Star Wars Work?

There are lots of theories going around on how the BB-8 droid from Star Wars works.

Over-sized Hamster In The Ball

Dangle some food in front of that oversized hamster and that should do the trick! We have a more humane and simpler design.

Weebles Wobble But They Don't Fall Down

We designed a BB-8 robot based on a counterweight system, like the popular 1970's Weeble toys.

Counterweight System Design

We designed and tested our BB-8 Droid using VR.

Sphero BB-8 Design

It's essentially the Sphero Ball, a self-balancing, gyro-driven ball inside of there.

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@benj yea, with the Uno board...pretty cool!

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@jeremiah yea, we created real-time interactive simulations that the average Joe could create with Dynamo. You can save them as animations as well. Stay Connected on We are launching a signup shortly if you are interested in getting early access to our beta.

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Did you see kid who made a phone controlled BB-8 out of a beachball?

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@dynamo whoaa!! is your software the one that made the animations for that story? So cool!!! I hope you make more!! I followed!

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For the love of BB-8 ;)

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Ooooohhhh this is one of my favorite stories today!