Ornamental Insecurity -Inspired by Usagi-
      Ornamental Insecurity

         -Inspired by Usagi-  staypositive stories

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Write about what makes you uncomfortable
-Mirrors and reflections-
-Inspired by Usagi-

Ornamental Insecurity -Inspired by Usagi-

Author note- Usagi explained to me how she would write poetry about the things she is self conscious of a few weeks ago. My discomfort occurs when I make eye contact with my self in a mirror, If I’m stood in front of one, I focus on things I’m in the mirror for. I often get caught in finding ways to pick at myself so to avoid that, I prevent it from happening .

Author note- Last night I was about to go down this spiral until I remember what Usagi said to me, instantly I used my discomfort to create this next piece. This was so helpful and I insisit you all do the same when you find yourself in a similar situation.Possibly have a ‘selfaware’ tag so that it becomes a movement of self acceptance and positivity :D

-Ornamental insecurity-

A reflective surface,

A reflective surface, a stranger avoids eyes cast.

Apparition naturally evades

Apparition naturally evades for time speculates the confrontation.

Unfamiliar illusions held,

Unfamiliar illusions held, a recognition lost in discomfort.

Medusa’s glare captivates,

Medusa’s glare captivates, coherence solidified by snakes petrification.

Cemented by incredulity

Cemented by incredulity of desirable features, ornamental insecurity.

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