3. What Commaful values
3. What Commaful values dk stories

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3. What Commaful values


Note: The information provide here is simply a retelling the power of common sense, patience and integrity.

We don't offer hacks or ways to speed up the process, nor do we share insights about the nature of the algorithm that the site uses.

Everything here is merely our opinion based on what we have observed during our time on this site.

Thank you and please enjoy!

Welcome to Commaful! 3. What Commaful values

We think it would be fair to say that Commaful has two main values:

1. it encourages positive comments and exchanges.

This is because the so-called "quality" of your content, although important, seems to be mostly secondary.

We don't know why or what this means. We don't want to ignite a debate about what is art and what it isn't.

Based on our experience, the value of your content is ultimately in the eyes (or experience) of the reader.

We feel that to add value, it is far more impactful to focus on becoming a force for positive feedback and encouragement;

and then to allow your content to improve, as it is shaped by the experiences you have in the site.

This means you would only have to hire someone who spends time on the site consuming and commenting and pay them for their time.

That person can even be someone who already knows the site and the community.

But because your business is strongly affected by the quality of these relationships, it might be preferable to use someone from your team.

Either way, please feel free to reach out and we will help you navigate through the site and users.

The next set of posts will be about content creation strategy.

The idea is to help you design a story and characters on which your content can be based off.

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