3. Content Creation Series: Pinterest (medium)
3. Content Creation Series: Pinterest (medium) dk stories
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In this post we talk about another strategy for Pinterest to come into
Commaful. feat @qimagine

3. Content Creation Series: Pinterest (medium)

Let's now talk about a few other strategies that Pinterest could implement.

1. The writer @qimagine is undoubtedly one of the top content creators in the site, averaging 240 likes per post

But of the stories which stands out for her readers and even for her, was one created using a Pinterest image curated by Commafultips.

You can find the link in the comments: https://commaful.com/play/qimagine/a-mermaids-song/ That story received 350+ Likes and 62 comments

(Those are outrageous numbers for the current state of Commaful.)

Pinterest could designate a graphic designer to do what Commafultips.com did and either partner with them or completely remove them.

What did Commafultips do? They simply took an image and cropped it so that each sub-image would help tell a different part of the story.

Pinterest would need to create a way to deliver those images to the users and actually get them to use them.

In which case it might be preferable to partner up with Commafultips.com which is already integrated in the community.

In the next post we'll talk about a "hard" strategy that Pinterest could use to participate in Commaful.

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