2. How to start
2. How to start dk stories

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To all Businesses: Learn how to get started in our community
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2. How to start

Note: The information provide here is simply a retelling the power of common sense, patience and integrity.

We don't offer hacks or ways to speed up the process, nor do we share insights about the nature of the algorithm that the site uses.

Everything here is merely our opinion based on what we have observed during our time on this site.

Thank you and please enjoy!

Welcome to Commaful! Part 2: How to start

Commaful is not a place for companies to promote their products and services as you would in IG or LinkedIn

Given the assumption that your organization exists to add value to others;

What is the easiest way to add value to the Commaful community?

By creating a profile and then reading and leaving honest and positive feedback on other people's stories.

We believe this should be the foundation / daily practice of not just organizations but also of the individuals who create and share their content.

We are offering you the same core ideas which have proven to work for those members /creators who are most successful.

Many of us have been tempted to comment and like on as many pieces as we can in order to bring attention to our own work.

The result is that things start to fall apart and trust is lost.

Slowly building trust and real relationships is what we encourage.

How does that benefit you? By encouraging a writer you are adding value to them, the community, and your organization.

Here is one example of how that could be so:

For your organization: What are the chances that the writer you support, will be able to create content and even represent you?

For the writer: The impact of positivity can not be underestimated. It has and will keep turning creators into Commaful stars.

For the community: A good story can be highly nourishing for our spirit and move us forward to connect with others.

Remember the power that the stories have in you. Whether it was LoTR or Star Wars or Harry Potter.

That positive effect will get stronger as your organization builds a profile that people know and care about.

If you were a company that produces notebooks or writing material, how much could you benefit from this intimate contact with the writers?

It is not the same to be encouraged by a random user than by someone whose produce you admire or whose support you value.

All this is something that your organization can accomplish by simply appointing someone who is willing and able to create those connections.

In the next piece we will talk about: What does Commaful care about?

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