2. Content Creation Series: Pinterest 1 (easy)
2. Content Creation Series: Pinterest 1 (easy) dk stories

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An easy strategy that Pinterest can use to integrate itself with the Commaful community and add value to everyone.

2. Content Creation Series: Pinterest 1 (easy)

Pinterest is an extremely good match for Commaful.

We'd argue that "Pinterest" is the "ghost-designer" of some of the best pieces made in Commaful.

This is because they offer a wealth of images that can take the stories to a whole new level!

There are many ways in which Pinterest could take immense advantage of what is happening here,

while simultaneously develop a relation with Commaful and it's writers.

Now a day is not practical to tag or credit the person who created the images or the site which hosted it.

Many members have tried to do so in the past, and there are reasons why the practice has not been kept.

Instead of talking about that, here are a few ways in which Pinterest could integrate with Commaful to the benefit of us all:

1. The best strategy might be to seek a partnership with the site and introduce their images directly into the sites story creator.

The images currently offered are Stock_Images and they are not always the best candidate.

2. Another way would be to partner with Commafultips. They are now offering images on a weekly basis that people can use to make stories.

The advantage of going through Commafultips is that the strategy can be tested immediately, while partnering with Commaful requires changing the site

also, Commafultips curates the images to serve a purpose for the story.

Otherwise, people would have to do it themselves and most are not able or willing to deal with the complexity of graphic design.

3. A third option would be to sponsor one or several users you like.

That strategy has problems: 1. Many writers are under age 2. Many live in outside the USA 3. Many express political views

Furthermore, sponsorship seems like something which can negatively impact the creative capacity of most people.

That's it for the 3 easy tactics that Pinterest could use to integrate itself with the Commaful community.

Up next will be a medium to hard strategy that Pinterest can use today to enter into Commaful.

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