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To all Businesses: Learn about the value of Commaful and get our information at no cost. Limited time only.
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1. You & Commaful


Note: The information provide here is simply a retelling the power of common sense, patience and integrity.

We don't offer hacks or ways to speed up the process, nor do we share insights about the nature of the algorithm that the site uses.

Everything here is merely our opinion based on what we have observed during our time on this site.

Thank you and please enjoy!

Welcome to Commaful! Part 1: You & Commaful

Are you looking for a space in which to promote your products and services and where no other business or agencies currently exist?

A place with a daily traffic that surpasses the millions and where readers are actually engaged with the content?

The place is: Commaful a social & multimedia platform where people share their stories, thoughts, and poetry.

Duo & Kahdeksan was built to become the bridge between You (organizations) and the Commaful community.

We believe there is a way in which your organization and our community can come together to create unique value for everyone.

As such, we would like to welcome and guide you through the process of becoming a member of Commaful!

We will give out all the information we have for free; as well as our personal time to support your specific needs.

This last bit is a limited time offer and will remain so until we exceed our capacity.

We encourage you to take advantage of the moment and all the information we have, while it lasts.

If this sounds like something you might be interested in, then click on the link below to learn how to get started and together let's create!

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