Change of Events
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Six months after the Battle of Beacon Hills, supernatural occurrences begin again. Two dimensions start to merge.

Change of Events

Lauren Whren sat staring at the clock during her stupid English class, one more minute, and she would be done with her junior year at Beacon Hills High. Lauren was well-liked, but not popular cross country and track athlete. She went to states in both and was pretty much only known for her running skills. Her best friend, Tyler Stephens, a popular lacrosse player, met her at her locker, after class had ended. Tyler was hot, a perfectly chiseled body, dark brown hair swooping over his left eye; he was every girl’s dream. Lauren was also pretty, blond hair with a short and thin athletic body. Everyone always wondered why they never dated; they were with each other 24/7. Lauren had boyfriends on and off, but Tyler never dated anyone. Girls chased him, but he didn’t care. There were of course rumors he was gay, but Lauren was the only one who truly knew he was. Something always felt off about Lauren; she was adopted since birth. She didn’t know anything about her birth family, just raised by a simple middle-class family. Her dad worked at a local IT company; her mother didn’t work at all. She loved her dad, despite Tyler he was her best friend he fueled her running career, and she helped him with work around the house and his landscaping business he kept on the weekends. Her mother was mostly nice, except she was very judgmental and had bi-polar disorder, making it hard for Lauren to connect with her. All of Lauren’s friends thought she was slightly verbally abusive towards her and her father, but Lauren was just happy to have a family. She just always felt like she was meant to be somewhere else or someone else. She would have weird illnesses from time to time; from passing out to weird marks showing up on her body. She never knew what they were from. After school, the pair decided to do running through the preserve as they did during off season for their sports. Lauren was fast, and Tyler just had to slow down a little bit for her for a nice run. The two entered the preserve as usual. “Owww,” Lauren complained. “What?” Tyler asked her. “I just got this unusual pain in my side.” [Switches dimensions] After the battle of Beacon Hills, Theo had started living with Liam and his family. Theo went back to school with Liam; Natalie enrolled him as junior with the beta. Scott, Lydia, and Stiles went back to college for the second semester. Malia went to France and was now spending time with Peter. Lydia and Stiles broke up because both of them realized they loved each other as friends but had other interests. Stiles started dating Derek, and Lydia started dating Parrish. Theo, Liam, Mason, Corey, Nolan, and Alec just finished their junior year that day; known as the “Puppy Pack.” Scott and Derek were staying with Stiles until tomorrow because Lydia decided to take an extended semester until the end of May. The four would be back in two days to Beacon Hills for the Summer. Liam’s parents were murdered two months ago; a group of hunters were trying to kill the beta, after they knew he fulfilled “the alpha” role of Beacon Hills until Scott came back. They shot at his parents car, while he was in it as they were picking him up from lacrosse practice after they got off work. The car wrecked, and Liam was the only one to survive the wreck. Theo and Liam have been living on their own since then. Melissa signed as Liam’s legal guardian being only seventeen, and Melissa, Argent, Noah, Parrish, and Natalie checked up on them, but they let them live at the former Dunbar-Geyer household alone. Between Theo, Mason and the rest of the puppy pack, they had to make sure Liam didn’t kill himself or anyone else. The boy had been nonstop trying to find the hunters that had murdered his parents; he barely slept, barely ate, barely studied. The only good thing he had left was lacrosse and after they lost the quarter-final in the state, Liam blamed himself and started working out even harder. He almost didn’t pass, but teachers had sympathy on him after his parents’ unexpected deaths. Liam was worn out; his usual muscular body, started to have a more skeletal appearance, his clothes hang off of him, his eyes had black circles around him, his anger was almost uncontrollable. Theo was the only one who could calm him down; it was hurting him to see the usually active boy, start to slowly deteriorate in front of him. They all tried to support him, but he couldn’t get rid of the blame for getting his parents killed.

[Switches dimensions] Lauren looked down at her shirt, blood was running down the side. “I must have hit a branch,” she told Tyler. “Lauren, I am on the right side of you; how could you have hit a branch?” he questioned her. They didn’t have much time to think about it because they ran into a large tree stump, but the thing about the tree stump was it was glowing. Lauren felt like she was being drawn to the stump. “Lauren, stop!” Tyler screamed at his best friend. Lauren stood on the stump as Tyler reached for her hand, suddenly there was a flash of light and they were standing on the stump, but the forest looked slightly different. Theo and Liam were just passing near the Nemeton, when they saw a flash of light. Liam knocked Theo’s arms off of him and ran towards the stump. “Liam, you’re literally bleeding out stop!” Theo screamed at the boy. “Who are you?” Liam snarled at the two teens standing on the Nemeton. “Lauren Whren and this is Tyler Stephens, and who the hell are you?” Lauren asked the beta. “Where are you from?” Theo asked them this time, not taking any chances with sharing their names. “Beacon Hills, where we are now,” Tyler snarked back at the chimera. “Why have I never saw you, before, you go to Beacon Hills High?” Liam asked the attractive looking boy. Liam hadn’t really realized it until he has been with Theo so much. He definitely was bi and had feelings for Theo, but the chimera was straight, and he couldn’t do anything about it. “Really, I am the Lauren Whren, district cross country and track winner, runner up at states, and this is the Tyler Stephens, star lacrosse player led his team to quarter-state finals.” “No, you don’t go to Beacon Hills; I am the star lacrosse player, and I don’t know if we even have a track team.” Liam growled at the girl. “We do have a track team, Liam.” Theo smirked at the beta. “Well, Lauren didn’t always go to Beacon Hills; she went to Devenford Prep for a year, before getting kicked out,” Tyler laughed at his best friend. Theo and Liam stared at each other, and suddenly Theo noticed it, if Liam was healthy right now Lauren and him would look very similar. They were both short, but athletic, had wavy blonde hair, and blue eyes. Liam was skinner than Lauren, but if he was his normal self they would look almost identical. She was also very attractive and just Theo’s type. “How did you get kicked out?” Theo asked the girl. “I have ADHD and couldn’t focus on my classes; I failed academically out, I went for running, not like it matters to you,” Lauren replied. Liam stood there in shock; their stories were very similar, but that was impossible they would be in the same grade. They would have to know each other. Theo put the situation together a little more as Liam was still bleeding. The boy suddenly almost passed out, and Lauren gripped her side as slightly more blood came out. She couldn’t feel it as much as the boy did, but she could feel some pain. “How did you get that?” Theo asked her as he held Liam up. “It just appeared,” Lauren told him. “I know it’s weird, but it happens sometimes.” Tyler noticed the beta’s eyes starting to turn yellow, “What are you?” “A werewolf?” Theo questioned him calming Liam down; everyone in Beacon Hills knew Liam was a werewolf at this point, after the Brett incident. “A what?” Lauren said as she saw the small boy go down. She grabbed his other arm and suddenly her eyes turned red. Theo dropped Liam in shock and realized his eyes turned red too. Liam stared at Lauren. “You don’t know I am a beta, but you are an alpha?” he questioned her. “I am not anything,” she screamed at him as claws started to come out of her fingertips. She stood in shock, her eyes turning back to blue. “Your eyes turned red you’re an alpha werewolf; if you don’t know you must be a true alpha,” Liam told her. Theo shook his head; Liam knew close to nothing about the supernatural world and probably should not be the one to explain anything. But Theo was more in shock looking at the former beta’s eyes, “Liam your eyes are red too.” “What? That can’t be,” Liam was so distracted by this the wound had healed on his side. Theo flashed open his phone and showed Liam his reflection. Red alpha eyes, just like Scott were staring back at him. Liam almost fell over, but Tyler caught him this time. The boy stared at the little wolf; he was beautiful, looked beaten, but beautiful and if he can play lacrosse. Lauren snapped him out of it, “can someone please explain what is going on?” Theo looked at them, “We are going to see Deaton.” The group of four went to the parking lot, where the park looked different to Tyler and Lauren. “Where is my truck?” Tyler questioned. “Okay, I know this is going to sound weird, but I think you guys are from a different dimension,” Theo told the pair. It was Liam this time to look at him and wonder, “Theo what the hell are you talking about?” “The Dread Doctors once were working on identifying if different dimensions existed, and they believed the Nemeton could act as a one-way portal. Apparently seventeen years ago, they managed to make a connection, but it was one-way and the person they sent never came back. I read their notes in my free time,” Theo told them. “You had such an interesting childhood,” Liam snarked back. “Well, it was better than when they had me kill someone,” Theo told Liam. “Kill someone?” Tyler asked. “Ya, he tried to kill my alpha, convinced me to try kill him, killed his sister, killed two kids to take their powers, but he’s changed now,” Liam said reassuringly. Theo beat his head off of the steering wheel, “Not helping, Liam.” They pulled into Deaton’s. The man was in the middle of declawing a cat. “You know you guys can call ahead,” Deaton told Theo and Liam. “Liam are you feeling alright?” worried about his sickly appearance. “I’m fine,” Liam said with force. Theo glanced at the doctor indicating he should drop it. Deaton got the hint. “What can I do for you and your friends today?” Theo told him everything they knew, and Deaton told them to sit down it was going to be a long night. Deaton sat down and explained that he heard that from the Dread Doctors as well they had broken into the hospital and took a newborn baby to do the transfer on. That’s all he knew about the situation, but he did now other dimensions existed. He explained to Lauren what it was like being a werewolf, by following the Hale family for years. She actually was relieved from his explanation like deep down inside she knew she was something more. Tyler was just in shock from everything that was happening, except he started hearing voices suddenly. He just ignored it and continued to listen to the vet. When Liam asked about his eyes turning, Deaton asked him to show him. “Well Liam you are an alpha now, but I am not sure how.” Theo then asked about Lauren’s touch with Liam was when both of their eyes turned; he also mentioned the weird injuries that Lauren had appear seemed to correlate with Liam’s with just less pain. Deaton pondered for a moment, then grabbed a needle and poked it into Liam’s arm. Liam almost clawed the man as Theo held him back; he did the same thing to Lauren. He told them he would be right back. “So, I am a werewolf; he’s a werewolf. What are you?” Lauren looked at Theo. “A chimera,” Theo replied. “Cool so you have two sets of DNA so what?” Tyler questioned the boy. “Half werecoyote half werewolf,” Theo smiled at him flashing his yellow eyes. Deaton took longer than a moment. Liam decided this would be a great time to share Theo’s past; Theo having to cut in and tell it in more reasonable terms than Liam’s rambling. “So, you aren’t bad?” Lauren looked at the chimera. “You can say that,” Theo smiled at her. She looked at him and smirked. He was hot; she knew that, just her type a bad boy with a good heart. Deaton came back finally, “Well, this might be shocking, but I thought this when Theo said you could feel each other’s pain. Lauren and Liam you are twins.” “How I am an only child?” Liam whined. “Do you know who your father is?” Deaton asked the boy. “No….” Liam stated. Liam never really thought about his birth father; his mother always said he left when he was just born. She never mentioned a name, and he never questioned her. Thoughts of his mother started to bring tears to the boy’s eyes, but he fought them back. “Every wonder why you’re such a strong werewolf?” Deaton asked him. “I just figured it was my IED.” “Or you already had werewolf DNA in you.” “What?” Theo looked at the doctor. He knew how Liam had got bit by Scott, pure accident, there was no way he was part werewolf beforehand. “Liam you were extremely strong and fast, before you were even a werewolf, ever wonder if you had some suppressed gene in you?” the doctor asked him. “I wasn’t really expecting to find this; I just wanted to find out, if you two were twins, but I also figured out who your birth father is.” “Some loser, who left my mom,” Liam replied. “Or some werewolf with a large ego,” Deaton answered. “No…it can’t.” Theo laughed this time, “That’s why he always called you the little one and was impressed with your strength. Derek always treated you well too.” “Yes, Liam. I think Peter had a one-night stand with your mother,” Deaton told the boy. “Whose Peter and this guy is my father?” Lauren butted in. Theo this time gave a summary of Peter Hale, while Liam was still in disbelief. “One more thing,” Deaton told them. “Remember how the Dread Doctors broke into the hospital seventeen years ago.” “Tomorrow’s my birthday,” Liam and Lauren said in sync. Theo shook his head how was he going to deal with two Liam’s.

I’m calling Mason,” Liam looked at Theo. “Okay, I get you tell Mason everything, but how is that going to help you right now. We have your twin, apparently, her friend, and just figured out Peter is your dad.” “I’m calling Mason right now,” flashing his red eyes at the chimera. “I do not like you with this much power,” Theo smirked. “So, here’s the deal,” Theo looked at Lauren and Tyler. “Liam and I currently live by ourselves in Liam’s house; I’m eighteen and Liam as you know is turning seventeen tomorrow. Liam’s parents were murdered by hunters a few weeks ago,” looking at the boy making sure he was distracted by Mason. “You I guess are staying with us until we figure something else out. I’m sure you want to get back to your own dimension. We have a lot of the older members of our pack coming home in a few days; they might know how to handle this better.” “I don’t want to go back,” Lauren looked at the chimera with force. “Geez, rough home.” “You can say that.” “Well, I was raised by a few hundreds of years old scientists that convinced me to murder my sister when I was 10 so I understand.” “Okay I may have not had it that bad,” Lauren smiled at the chimera. She wasn’t one to back down from a competition, but her life was not nearly as bad as Theo’s. “What about you? You’ve been pretty quiet,” Theo looked at Tyler. “I think I’ll stay here too; this is way more exciting.” Lauren looked him as his eyes were sparkling looking at her brother. She never saw him look at a guy like that before. She was also the only person to see the bruises his father left on him each night. No wonder he would rather stay here. He had to hide his sexuality and was forced to be perfect and beaten by his single father. Tyler’s mother died a few years earlier in a car crash as well. “Okay, one less problem I have to deal with it.” Lauren looked at Liam still pacing back and forth talking to Mason, clearly having a panic attack of the whole situation. “I mean apparently Liam is the alpha in your group so, shouldn’t he lead not you,” she glared at the chimera trying to knock off his ego. “Liam’s going through a rough time right now, and actually Liam was a beta until you magically showed up. Scott is the actual leader of the pack; you’ll meet him in two days, however we kind of have our own pack here. Liam, Liam’s best friend Mason who is a human, Mason’s boyfriend Corey who can turn invisible, Nolan also human ex-hunter, and Alec another beta; we call ourselves the Puppy Pack. I didn’t have a say in it,” Theo rolled his eyes. “But, I guess Liam is kind of the leader for us.” “He doesn’t look okay,” Tyler spoke up. “He’s blaming himself for his parents’ deaths. Deaton explained the hunter situation to you, but they have a special vendetta against Liam, since he is protecting Beacon Hills, while Scott is at college. Also, Liam’s death would destroy Scott as well as a lot of the other members of the pack; he’s very well protected.” Liam finally got off the phone with Mason, tear stains on his cheeks, but he didn’t say anything. “You okay?” Theo asked him. “Of course, I’m fine.” Lauren and Tyler looked away to avoid Liam’s glare. “We are going to the Hale house,” Liam looked at Theo. “Liam it’s late; I think we need to get rest. You literally passed out a little bit ago.” “No, I need to punch Peter in the face, for not telling me.” “He probably didn’t want to deal with two kids with anger issues,” Theo told Liam thinking about Malia. “We are going,” he growled. “Fine, alpha,” Theo mocked. “I swear if you pass out again; I’m not letting you leave the house for a week.” The four teenagers said thank you to Deaton and jumped into Theo’s truck. The ride started silent, then Lauren spoke up. “Um, so we have nothing, no clothes, and no money.” “Don’t worry about money; Theo’s a millionaire,” Liam looked back. It was true Theo inherited all of the Dread Doctor’s money when they found it in their lair. “Yes, but we both also have jobs,” the chimera looked at him. “I got you until you two can find jobs, but like Liam said don’t worry about it. For clothes, Tyler it looks like you can share mine, until we can get you some new one. Um, Lauren this might be weird, but Liam’s mother was about your size you can have her clothes.” Liam looked shaken by Theo’s statement, automatically thinking of Jenna, guilt ripping him from the inside. “Thanks,” the two in the backseat replied. Theo finally made it to Derek, Peter, and usually Malia’s new house hidden well in the outskirts of Beacon Hills deep in the forest. Derek came out on the porch to greet them, “what are you two up to? Did you guys bring friends?” The older werewolf smelled a new werewolf and someone else not human, but he couldn’t recognize what the boy was. “Where’s Peter?” Liam glared at him. “Inside? Why do you want to see him; no hello Derek?” Liam was fuming at this point, eyes already turning red. “Liam, why are your eyes red? You didn’t kill any alpha did you?” Derek looked at the new alpha. “No, he didn’t surprisingly, since he has zero anger management right now,” Theo yelled after the boy who was already entering the Hale house, ignoring Derek. “So, weird thing happened,” Theo told Derek about the appearance of Lauren and Tyler, the second dimension, and how Liam somehow turned into an alpha once he touched his twin alpha. “is explainable.” Theo looked at him questioningly. “Very rarely, like I mean it has happened once before, werewolves can be born alpha’s. I can’t say I knew Liam was Peter’s kid, but it makes sense with his aggression and the way his body easily took the bite. As we know twins have a special connection in the supernatural world, Liam and Lauren only being half werewolf, didn’t turn by themselves, but brought together can reveal that side of them. Lauren being taken away from Liam would have repressed his abilities, but I always knew he was stronger than a regular beta. They must have been natural born alphas this whole time, just separated from each other kept their abilities from forming.” Suddenly, the group heard Peter scream as the man ran out, holding a bloody nose. “Liam I didn’t realize until I saw your mom one day, when I was making sure Malia didn’t get killed at the school.” “But you knew, and you decided not to tell me,” Liam screamed at the man. “Theo tell your dog to sit down,” Peter looked at him. “I’m enjoying this.” “You know Theo you were my favorite of this pack.” “You just like me because I can be viewed as bad as you are.” Liam charged the man; Peter turning as well as Liam turning. Peter seeing Liam as an alpha, shook him from his werewolf state. “Well, what do we have here?” Derek explained the whole situation to Peter and Malia after she came out wondering what the hell was happening out there. Theo was forced to pin Liam on the ground to stop him from killing his father. Liam finally calmed down, still weak from blood loss, and already weak in his current physical and mental state. “Now, I know why we always connected, brother,” Malia smiled at him. “Tell me about yourself, daughter,” Peter looked at Lauren. “I’m faster than you and probably could kill you,” she replied staring at the man. “Yepp this one’s definitely mine.” “What are you?” Derek looked at Tyler. “Human?” Tyler replied. “No, you’re not I can smell something else.” Tyler didn’t know to be weirded out by the fact that this man just smelled him or be shocked he wasn’t human. “Well, I don’t know what I am.” “You’ll figure out soon enough,” Malia looked at him. “What are you guys going to do now?” Derek asked Theo and Liam. “I don’t know I guess let them live with us and try to live as normal lives as we can. We are going to see if Scott, Stiles, or Lydia have any better ideas.” “Have you told them yet?” Liam shook his head no. “Braedon’s coming for the week too tomorrow; maybe she knows something about the hunters,” Derek told the little alpha. He knew Liam was working day and night searching for them and was taking his parents’ deaths hard. “Thanks,” Liam looked at him. “Did you guys eat yet?” Peter asked the group. “By the looks of this one,” he looked at Liam. “You haven’t.” “No, we haven’t yet,” Theo looked at him. Liam looking at the ground to avoid any more attention. “Pizza?” Peter asked them. “Are you offering us dinner?” Theo looked at him confused. “I have three kids now, Theo; I have to make sure they are taken care of,” Peter smiled at them. “Not like you cared before,” Liam looked at him. “I’m hungry,” Malia jumped in. “Then, it settles it I’ll order pizza.” Theo looked at Lauren and Tyler, “I know this is kind of weird, but don’t be surprise if you are hungrier. Supernatural creatures have way faster metabolisms.” “You know that makes sense, I swear Lauren eats more than a 300-pound football player,” Tyler laughed at his best friend. “I mean I can’t argue with you,” Lauren looked at him. “Oh, we really are sisters,” Malia looked at her.

Liam was still fuming as Theo drug him into the house. “Being angry isn’t going to fix anything, Little Wolf,” Theo stared at him. Derek was calling Scott explaining the situation. “Theo, can you call Stiles?” “You realize Stiles hates me right?” Theo looked at the werewolf. “Yes, but you are the only one who can explain this reasonably,” Derek glared looking at Liam, blood dripping off his hands where his claws were digging into. Theo sighed and dialed his number. “What the hell do you want Theo?” Stiles yelled on the other line phone. “Before, you yell something again; I actually need to talk to you and Lydia. Can you relay the message?” “Fine, Raeken; this better be worth my time.” Theo started explaining the situation. “So, Liam’s an alpha, there’s two random kids show up out of the Nemeton, one being Liam’s twin, other dimensions exist, Peter is Liam’s father, and you have a boy you have no clue what he is, sounds like Beacon Hills to me.” “Stilinski I just got told to keep you guys updated.” “Lydia and I will be home in three days; try not to kill anyone, before we get there.” “Thank you, Stiles never thought of that,” Theo hung up the phone. “What’s the big deal?” This partially insane werewolf is your father,” Lauren looked at Liam. “It’s not that I just don’t get why he didn’t tell me, “ Liam looked at his sister. “I don’t think it’s that; you shouldn’t hold up your emotions like that.” “I’m not.” “Liam, I can see you are in pain from a mile away, you need to stop feeling guilty from what Theo said it isn’t your fault.” “You barely know me.” “Unfortunately, we are connected though, and I can feel your pain.” Lauren grabbed Liam’s hands watching black veins going up her arms, releasing his claws from digging into his skin. “You don’t know what it feels like; it seems like you had a great life.” “My parents didn’t tell me I was adopted until I found the adoption papers myself; I may not know what it feels like to feel guilty, but I at least know what it feels like to be lied to.” Liam looked down at the ground, “sorry.” Lauren reached in and gave the small boy a hug, “we are now in this together.” Peter came back with pizza for the group. “I can’t get over this,” Malia looked at him. “What?” her father asked her. “You being nice.” “Ya, don’t get used to it.” Everyone dug into the pizza except Liam who just stared at the slice of pizza Theo threw at him. “What you don’t eat now?” Peter looked at his son. Malia kicked him under the table. Peter grimaced then shut up. “Liam you literally passed out today; you need to eat something,” Theo looked at him. “Not hungry,” Liam stared him down. “I mean it.” “You’re not in charge of me.” Derek looked over at him, “Liam how are you supposed to fight hunters if you can’t stand? Liam gave in taking a bite of the pizza, then throwing it back down and running out the door. Theo slammed his head on the table, “I’m not chasing him down again.” “I’ll go,” Tyler stood up. Lauren looked at him questioningly. “Trust me, I have something he needs to hear right now.”

Tyler went sprinting after the werewolf, the voices in his head were getting louder and louder, but he just ignored them. “It was probably just his imagination,” he thought. Tyler found the boy curled up under a tree, tears falling down his face. “Get away from me, I don’t know you don’t want too,” “Well, Dunbar, I’m not easy to shake off, plus I like to know what I’m up against.” Liam looked at him confused. “Lacrosse captain of Beacon Hills? I’m also the lacrosse captain of Beacon Hills.” “Fine, I’m listening,” Liam looked at the boy. The boy was easily six inches taller them him, but like Brett, but with dark swooping hair. He was hot, but there is no way he would like Liam. He was already watching Theo look Lauren up and down. “Wow, you look like Lauren,” Tyler told the smaller boy. So, he did look at Liam at least. “Sorry got distracted, I understand what you are going through somewhat.” “Really? You like a rich kid whose had his entire life handed to him.” Tyler chuckled, “Not close puppy, I’m the reason my mom’s dead.” Liam was in shock, looking at the boy. “She was bringing me home from lacrosse practice, when I was in sixth grade, I was crying because some guys were making fun of me. She was too concerned with me to pay attention to the road; she didn’t see the car swerve into our lane. They hit us head on; I survived with no more than a concussion. She died on impact. My dad blamed me; he was right it was my fault. He never forgave me, ended up coming home drunk every night, giving me nice bruises, black eyes, telling me I’m a worthless, an ugly f*ggot. No one knew except Lauren, my dad’s a doctor, well known, great surgeon, beautiful guy right, until he drinks a bottle. No one would believe me; I felt like I deserved it. I did deserve it; I am the reason my mom is dead. It bothered me for a long time, still bothers me, Lauren’s helped me a lot.” Tyler slid down the waistband of his shorts to show Liam red lines running along the band line mixed with white scars. “You don’t eat, don’t let yourself heal. I don’t let myself live without pain.” Tyler had tears coming out of his eyes at this point; Liam was speechless; all he did was wrap his small arm around the broad shoulders of the boy. “Sorry, It’s just heard to think about it especially with these voices in my head.” “Voices?” “Great, it’s not a werewolf thing, now I’m just losing it.” “Does it make you want to scream?” “Kind of.” Suddenly, Tyler went silence suddenly staring into the woods with a blank stare. “Tyler?” Liam asked. The boy started shaking, clawing at his arms. Liam was trying to hold his hands down as the boy suddenly opened his mouth letting out a terrifying scream. He passed out on the ground. Lauren stood up from the table hearing the scream, “Tyler!” She got up and ran towards the scream followed by Theo and Malia. “Damn it, she’s faster than Liam.” Theo muttered to Malia. “I hate that the werewolves are just slightly faster than us,” Malia looked at the chimera. “Especially, Liam and now she’s even faster.” Peter and Derek looked at each other, “guess we should go after them?” Peter questioned Derek. “Guess so, at least we know now what the boy is.” Tyler regained consciousness waking up looking at Liam. “Hey, you, okay?” the werewolf looked at him. “I saw a dead body, thrown on the side of the road, it’s face looked burned and it’s heart was removed.” “Where did you see the body?” Liam asked him. “ Along the road to the preserve.” “C’mon,” Liam helped Tyler on the ground. Lauren found them just them, “why did you scream like that?” “I envisioned a dead body,” Tyler looked at his best friend. “He’s a banshee,” Theo said from behind her, him and Malia finally catching up. “A what?” Lauren and Tyler asked at the same time. Peter and Derek just arrived. Derek explained what a banshee is to the two new supernaturals. “Our friend Lydia is one, I didn’t even though there could be guy banshees?” Liam stated. “Liam, how many banshees do you know?” Peter asked him. “Two.” “So, you assumed they were all girls? Guys are rarer; however, they do exist kid,” Peter looked at him.” “Um, there’s still a dead body out there,” Tyler interrupted. “It’s common here,” Malia looked at him. “I’m going to have to get used to this,” the banshee shook his head. “Does Parrish still chase around dead bodies?” Peter asked them. “Um, ya?” Theo looked at him. “So, we should probably go.”

Theo, Liam, Lauren, and Tyler jumped in Theo’s truck. “Now where exactly did you vision this?” Theo asked him. “I don’t know along the road.” “Great.” Peter, Derek, and Malia were following them in Derek’s Camaro. “There!” Liam screamed at Theo. “I swear Liam; I’m going to punch you,” Theo looked over at the alpha. “There is the body.” “I know, and I almost crashed because of you.” “There is a dead body,” Lauren broke Liam and Theo’s stare down. Derek and Peter were already out looking at. “It looks like something like exploding in their face,” Derek looked at Liam getting out of the truck. “So not killed by a hunter?” “I think it was a hunter,” Peter said pulling a gun out of the man’s pocket. “Wolfsbane bullet.” “We are going to call the Sheriff and explain we didn’t kill this hunter; we somehow found him dead on the side of the road. That doesn’t look suspicious at all,” Theo glared at them. “Some of us don’t have a murderous reputation,” Malia snarled at him. “Maybe we should just burn it,” Peter stated. Derek actually agreed with him for once. “No, we are calling Stilinski right now; Parrish is going to be coming soon anyways if we don’t,” Liam looked at them. “I agree with Liam,” Lauren spoke up. “Liam, you can’t stop us,” Peter looked at him. Liam reached and grabbed Peter’s hand throwing him to the ground. “How the hell are you so strong; you’re like 100 pounds?” Peter asked him groaning, “Cause, I’m the alpha now,” Liam glared at him. “We’re the alphas now,” Lauren grabbed Liam’s shoulder eyes flashing as red as her brothers. “Okay, we are calling the Sheriff,” Derek looked at him as he dialed the sheriff’s office. “Parrish?” Derek asked. “Yes?” “It’s Derek; we found a dead body. Before you ask, we didn’t kill them,, but they look like they were a hunter. Can just you, and Stilinski come?” “I don’t believe you, but yes we’ll be there in a few.” “Oh, he never is going to believe us,” Peter looked at Theo. “I’m aware,” the chimera smirked. Lauren stared at him. “What? I’ve changed,” Theo looked at her, staring at her blue eyes. “You sure about that?” she asked in a flirtatious tone. “I’d be carefully, the last girl that kissed him; he killed,” Malia spoke up. He already cared for Lauren more than she knew, her reminding her of her younger sister. “Oh, I would never kiss him,” Lauren said sly. “Never?” Theo questioned her slowly. Just then Parrish and Noah pulled in. “Great, two murders at a dead body of someone attempting to kill them,” the Sheriff said. “I swear it wasn’t me; I’ve changed,” Theo said. “You know you say that a lot; it’s like your hiding something,” Lauren looked at him. “Now, you really sound like Liam,” Theo replied. The boy nodding his head in agreement. “So, it wasn’t you guys then what was it?” Sheriff Stilinski asked them. “Something powerful,” Derek looked at him. Parrish was examining the body, “there’s this purple dust at the edges of where the explosion lines are. I’ve never saw an explosive device do that before.” “Wait you said purple?” Peter asked the Hellhound. “Yes?” “We might have bigger problems than the hunters.” “What?” Liam looked at him. He could barely handle hunters at this point; how was he supposed to handle another threat on top at least Scott would be back in two days. “Witches.” “Witches don’t exist,” Lauren looked at her father. “Honey, you just figured out you’re a werewolf, and that’s what you are doubting right now?” Lauren remained silent after that. “How do you take down a witch, and why would they kill him?” “You don’t they are brutal and attack with no rhyme or reason. Usually, they attack when threatened; I’m assuming he went after her. They move fast; he probably thought they were a werewolf. If they want you dead, you’ll be dead,” Theo answered the Sheriff. “Great news.” “How do you know all of that?” Liam questioned his friend. “What did you think I did with the Dread Doctors for eight years, when I wasn’t doing their evil schemes, I ready books. You should try.” “The chimera’s right; I’ve had run in with a witch before, she was beautiful. I smelled supernatural on her but didn’t know what she was until she turned. Someone shot her with a special bullet to kill her,” Peter stated. “Why did they take the heart?” Malia asked. Theo grabbed his own chest; Tara’s heart beating loudly, looking at the gaping hole was giving him visions of his sister. “Some ritual; we probably don’t know about.” “I hate rituals.” Theo wasn’t even paying attention to them at this point; he couldn’t breathe or control himself. No one noticed Theo was having a panic attack until Lauren turned around. “Hey, Theo you alright?” she asked. Theo tried to nod his head to avoid attention; he was the heartless one he always hid his weaknesses. Everyone turned to him watching him shake. Lauren grabbed his hand. “Look at me, match my breathes.” Liam came over to the other side of the chimera. “the sun, the moon, the truth. Theo, Theo it’s me.” He eventually flashed his red eyes at the boy, getting Theo to snap out of it. He pulled his hand out of Lauren’s clearly shaken but didn’t want to appear weak. “I’ll be in my truck, when you guys are done staring at a dead body,” Theo turned and headed towards his truck. Liam and Lauren looked at one another, silently asking who was going to go after him. “I better go see, if he’s alright,” Liam looked at her. “You probably shouldn’t yet; it takes him awhile to open up.” Parrish felt a pang of sympathy for the chimera, ever since he found him sleeping in his truck. He realized how lost the boy actually was. The Sheriff always felt bad for the kid; he knew what he did so young changed his life. Derek, Peter, and Malia looked at one another; they hadn’t ever realized how much trauma and pain he probably had locked under his hard exterior. “Nothing, we can do until something else happens,” Derek told the officers. “I’ll look into any connections,” Noah looked at him. “Liam, why did you follow me?” Theo looked at the boy. “Because you’re not alright.” “I’m fine; I just had a flashback.” “That you never talk about; you know Theo you are allowed to talk about what you are dealing with sometimes.” “Same as you Little Wolf, fine when I was in Hell I had repeating nightmares of Tara ripping her heart out of my chest. Those images have haunted me since then; the hole in the body’s chest reminded me of her.” “I’m sorry Theo; I had no idea.” “It’s my fault I was the one who killed her.” “Ya, but you were so young. You’ve changed Theo; I’ve watched you.” “I hope so Liam; I hope I’ve changed.” “Now, what’s going on with you lately?” “Nothing, I’m fine.” Liam was visibly shrinking in the seat. “Liam, you haven’t slept or ate properly since your parents were killed. You never talk about anything anymore; you aren’t your usual annoying self,” the chimera lightly smiled at the alpha. “Really Theo, I’m fine.” “You can trust me Little Wolf.” Lauren grabbed Tyler as they walked back to the truck as the Hale’s and the officers were loading the dead body in the police van. “Are you okay?” “Yes, why?” “You’ve been quiet.” “A little shocked here Lauren.” She laughed at her best friend, “me too.” The pair got in the backseat of the truck. “Ready to go home?” Liam asked them. They both nodded their heads. “So, we only have one extra room; either someone is going to have to share or take the couch.” “I sleep on the coach,” Tyler volunteered. “I may be into guys, but I’m still not sharing a bed with you,” he looked at Lauren. Liam eyes turned to him again; he said it twice now, so he is gay, interesting. Liam looked at Lauren, “you can have my parents’ room. My mom’s clothes are in there; help yourself.” “Thanks, I know losing your parents is hard on you. If you want to talk, I’m always here to listen to you.” “Thanks, sis,” Liam smiled at his sister. Theo took Tyler to his room, “help yourself to my closet.” “Theo, what made you stay in beacon hills from how Liam explained you were free when you came back from Hell?” Tyler’s voice wavered on Hell, wondering how a place like that actually exists. “Not going to lie, at first I didn’t know, something just drew me back here. After I helped the McCall pack, I just felt like they needed me here. Liam was a large deciding factor; I would do anything for him.” “Oh, do you think you guys will be like a couple?” Theo laughed at him, “no, I’m straight. Liam isn’t thought; I feel bad for him. But, I care for him like my brother.” “Sounds like me and Lauren. Thanks for the clothes,” Tyler headed downstairs, leaving the chimera by himself.

Theo woke up with his head pounding; Tara ripped out his heart four times in his nightmares last night, wrapped in an endless cycle with no hopes of waking up. He saw the sun was just starting to rise and could hear the coffee pot calling his name. The chimera survived off black coffee, even fighting off Liam’s teasing about him drinking coffee like his soul. Theo looked in Liam’s room and saw he was gone. He was hoping Liam was just out for a run; he’s been running a lot lately, sometimes Theo would go with him. He noticed Lauren’s door was open too; he hoped she went with him. Theo was worried about Liam pushing himself too hard and passing out by himself. He decided if he wasn’t back in a half hour he would go search for the werewolf. Tyler heard the chimera, walking down the stairs and jumped up. “Morning,” Theo muttered to the boy. “Help yourself to some clothes, coffee?” Tyler nodded his head and headed up the stairs. Theo was drowning his tiredness in his coffee, when Tyler came back down. “Where’s the other two?” “Hopefully, they went running or something/” “Usually Lauren does run in the morning.” “Liam does too.” “You look exhausted,” the banshee looked at the chimera. “You don’t look well rested either, Stephens.” “Voices,” the boy said pointing at his head. Theo could hear Tara’s heart pounding in his own chest, “I understand.” Theo liked Tyler enough, but he could see the boy feared him. Even though, Liam explained that Theo had changed; he understood his reputation wasn’t the most comfortable to deal with. Liam and Lauren walked in the door; Argent decided to drive them back after looking at Liam shaking. Liam walked in and threw himself down in a chair beside Theo. “You okay there, Little Wolf?” “I’m fine Theo. We need to go search the Preserve for signs of the witch.” “You can wait until after breakfast,” the chimera glared at him. “Maybe, after you take a nap too,” Lauren looked at him seeing he was exhausted. Theo and Liam received a text in the “Puppy Pack” group chat. (Italicized texts) Mason, “my house tonight? We need to meet Lauren and Tyler.” Nolan, “who?” Theo looked at Liam; he realized they hadn’t told Nolan and Alec what was going on. Theo, “long story, we’ll explain tonight.” “Theo, we don’t have time to go hang out,” Liam looked at him. “Just because you are an alpha now, doesn’t mean you have to be responsible for every being every second.” “Just because you don’t care about people, dying I do,” Liam looked at the chimera. He felt bad as soon as he said it, but he was really overwhelmed. “Yes, Liam I might be heartless, but I at least have some common sense,” Theo snarled back clearly shaken by Liam’s comment. “I didn’t say you were heartless.” “You didn’t have to Dunbar.” The two glared at each other as Tyler and Lauren sat back and watched this unfold. Liam stood up stomping upstairs, “I’m going to take a shower.” “I’m going to kill him, if he doesn’t kill himself first,“ Theo shook his head. “Is he always like that? Like has to be committed to being everyone’s savior all the time,” Lauren asked. “No, I mean he was always hard on himself, but ever since his parents’ deaths he’s been progressively getting worse.” “Geez, I mean I care about people dying, but he does realize there isn’t much we can do right now.” The three started to get breakfast ready, making something for Liam hoping he would come back down and eat something. They finished eating, but the boy still hadn’t reappeared. “I’ll go check on him,” Theo went upstairs, breaking into Liam’s room. He smelled blood instantly, “Liam?” “Go away.” “I’m not going away until you tell me what’s going on,” he walked into Liam’s restroom; the boy leaning over the sink, claw marks tracing his arms. “Liam why aren’t these healing?” “I don’t want them to.” “Why did you do this?” Theo grabbed the boy’s arm, watching his veins turn black. Liam ripped his arm out of Theo’s grasp. “I’m sorry; I shouldn’t have said that to you. You were just being concerned; I shouldn’t have snapped like that.” “Apology accepted, but you still didn’t answer me why you did that.” “I deserved it; I caused you pain, I deserve the real pain.” “Liam stop this.” “I can’t Theo.” Theo shook his head at the smaller boy, wrapping his arms around the alpha’s shoulders. Theo helped Liam wash the blood off himself and told him to go downstairs and at least try to eat something. Lauren and Tyler were still sitting at the table, concerned, but decided with wary looks from Theo not to question the boy. Liam sat down and started pushing his food around his plate, eventually eating the crust off of one piece of toast and throwing the rest in the garbage. “Are you guys ready to go on a witch hunt?” Liam asked them. “Are you sure you should be going?” Tyler questioned him, still worried about the boy and his health. “Yes, I agreed to only go until noon; we will go over to Mason’s later,” he looked at the chimera, seeking approval. “Whatever, you say alpha.” “Co-alpha,” Lauren corrected Theo. “Co-captain, co-alpha, I’m started to get offended over here,” Liam looked at her. She smiled playfully at her brother, “you’ll get used to it.”

Liam woke up from a nightmare, drenched in his own sweat. The car crash continues to play in his dreams, this time however, Lauren was dead in the accident as well. Liam has had this dream over and over again, sometimes with Theo, Scott, Mason, and his other friends dead as well. He rolled over and looked at his phone, 2:07am. He wondered if Theo was awake with his own nightmares; he tried to tune into the chimera’s heartbeat, but it was steady. The alpha picked up Tyler and Lauren’s heartbeat next. Lauren’s was as steady as Theo’s, but Tyler’s was rapidly beating. He remembered Lydia saying she had awful dream’s when she first became a banshee. He guessed it couldn’t hurt to check on the boy. Liam slowly opened his bedroom door, trying not to wake Theo or Lauren, and went downstairs to find the boy on the couch wide awake, panting heavily. “Nightmare?” Liam questioned him. “You could say,” Tyler rolled over looking at the smaller boy. “Why are you up?” “Nightmare,” the werewolf looked at him. Liam never told anyone that he hasn’t been able to sleep recently, not even Mason, but for some reason he felt comfortable talking to Tyler. “What about?” “Nothing.” “If you don’t want to tell me Liam that’s fine, but if you do I’ll listen.” “What was yours about?” “I can’t get the voices out of my heard,” Tyler looked at the alpha. “I wish I could help you, take your pain, but I can’t take mental pain. Lydia would know what to do; she can help you.” “You know Liam talking to you did help; you make a pretty good leader.” “Thanks, but I’m really not. I’m weak, uncontrollable, undisciplined.” “That’s not what it sounds like to me; I mean I just met you but.” “Thanks,” Liam smiled at Tyler. “I should probably try to get back to sleep now.” “Goodnight, Liam.” “Goodnight.” Liam sat up in bed, staring at pictures on his phone for hours, waiting until 5. He threw on a hoodie, sweatpants, and running shoes ever since his parents got killed; it was one of the less harmful ways he coped. The boy’s body was slowly deteriorating from not eating and sleeping, but he didn’t care. Lauren was used to running early in the morning; she was a pretty light sleeper and early riser. Although, Lauren was adapting to being a werewolf better than anyone since she was actually born a werewolf; she couldn’t get used to the enhanced senses yet. She heard Liam getting ready and decided to see what he was up to. Liam was just walking towards the stairs as Lauren opened the bedroom door. “Where are you going?” she asked her brother. “For a run, go back to sleep,” he looked at her. “I’m coming with you.” “I didn’t say you could.” “Why not?” Liam just enjoyed being alone in his own thoughts, but he figured he might as well get to know Lauren better. “Fine, my mom should have plenty of workout clothes for you.” Lauren came out a few minutes later in leggings and a sweatshirt; Liam was right his mom had lots of clothes for her. The twins started running down the street; Lauren unfortunately letting Liam lead. She always led on runs, but she had no clue his routes, even though the layout of Beacon Hills looked the same as the Beacon Hills she knew. She noticed they were going much faster than she ever ran before; she loved being a werewolf already. Lauren also noticed she was faster than Liam, but Liam was definitely stronger than her. “So, you always decide to run at 5 in the morning?” “No, not preferably, but I couldn’t sleep.” “Nightmares?” “Ya. No big deal.” “Really? That’s why I can hear your heartbeat speeding up.” “It was nothing; when I first became a werewolf, we fought these monsters called berserkers, and I sometimes have nightmares of them.” “You’re lying; your heart rate spiked.” “How are you so good at this already; I can barely read people’s heart rate and I’ve been a werewolf for 2 years now.” “I guess I’m just that good.” Liam had a flashback of when he told Stiles the exact same thing. “Twins, I’m a twin, my entire life I was an only child, and now I have you.” “Same, so now we are even.” “So, tell me about everything that has happened since you got bit by Scott.” Liam and Lauren were running for almost an hour. Liam was telling her every adventure, every creature, everything that happened from not being able to control himself, to getting thrown down a well, the Deadpool, Mexico, Kate, Hayden, the chimera pack, Theo’s full background, almost killing Scott, bringing Theo back from Hell, the ghost riders, and finally the hunters. “Sure, you want to stay in this dimension?” “Let’s my life consists of running fast without anyone chasing me and failing school; I think I’d rather have this.” Liam was starting to wear out; his body wasn’t healing like it should. He knew not taking care of himself was having an effect on him. “Hey, do you want to stop?” Lauren looked at her brother. “No, I should be fine,” Liam replied as his eyes began to close. “Nope we are stopping.” Lauren grabbed Liam, before his body hit the ground. “Liam, stay awake.” “I’m fine; I just got light-headed.” “Let’s just walk back.” Liam nodded his head in agreeance . “Do you mind if we walk this way? I want to see if my house is here.” “Nope,” Liam said still holding on to Lauren’s arm for support. “Scott lives on this street too.” “Really? That was my house right there,” Lauren pointed to the gray house. “Well, that is Scott’s house.” “That’s so weird.” Melissa was getting into her car to head to the hospital as Liam and Lauren walked by. “Liam, what are you doing out this way this early? You must be Lauren; Scott was telling us the situation,” the woman told the twins. “Nice to meet you, Ms. McCall.” “Honey, please call me Melissa; that makes me seem old or at work,” the mother chuckled at her. “Liam why are you out here this early?” She had been looking after the boy since his parents were murdered. She didn’t like what she saw his usually peppy appearance had dropped into a depressive state, she had reports his IED was getting out of control, and physically she could see he wasn’t sleeping and was losing weight. “We were just running, Melissa.” “Liam, you look you haven’t slept in a week; you need to get some rest.” “I haven’t slept in a month,” Liam thought to himself, but bit his tongue. “I’m fine thanks I will when we get back.” Melissa noticed Liam was relying on Lauren to support him, “Hey Liam, Chris will want to meet Lauren. Why don’t you stop in and talk to him for a little bit? He’s in the kitchen. I’m going to work; take care of yourselves.” Liam and Lauren walked up the stairs of the McCall house; Liam just walking straight in. Lauren looked at him strangely. “I live here half the time,” he laughed at her. “Argent?” “Liam? What are you doing here at 6:30?” “We were out running, and Melissa said you wanted to ask Lauren some questions.” “And you some questions, first off I have never saw someone turn into an alpha like you did.” Liam flashed his red eyes at the man, “I didn’t think I deserved it either.” “I didn’t say that Liam, just usually like in Scott’s case a true alpha appears after someone takes on a new role, but you just had to reconnect with your sister. You must be Lauren? I’m Chris Argent; ex-hunter, ally of the pack, and Melissa’s boyfriend.” “I’ve heard a lot about you, glad to meet you,” Lauren stuck out her hand to the man. She slightly reminded him of Allison already; he could tell she was a leader. “So, explain in your words how you got here?” Argent asked the girl. She explained the Nemeton, touching Liam, turning into the new alphas, and the weird connection they had. “Sibling connection in werewolves are extremely strong; it makes sense you two would be so connected.” The two chatted with the man for a little bit until they decided they should go back before Theo and Tyler panicked where they were at.

“We’ll split up to cover more ground, Tyler with me and Lauren with Theo,” Liam said as Theo pulled into the preserve. Theo looked at him and smirked, “I wanted them with one of us who know what we are doing, and I wanted to split the alphas up.” “Sure, Little Wolf.” Lauren and Theo entered the right side of the preserve as Liam and Tyler entered from the left. “You’re interesting, Whren,” Theo looked at the girl. “You don’t have much room to talk yourself.” “I can tell Tyler slightly fears me, but you just feel like you could take me. Usually, people don’t feel that way about me even though most of the pack accepts me at this point they still fear me. Liam is about the only one who completely trusts me; Scott and Malia still completely hate me for good reason.” “You don’t scare me at all.” “Are you sure about that; what makes you think you can trust me?” “I can tell when you are lying, and I watch how you care about Liam. You have a heart, Theo.” Theo smiled at Lauren, “I mean I do, but it’s not mine.” “Probably better than mine.” “Doubtful?” “I’ve been told I’m heartless from countless of guys.” “Oh, so you break guys hearts big deal.” “It’s called a lack of empathy.” “It’s called it wasn’t something you should actually care about. I’ve noticed you were way too comfortable with all of this; you jumped on the opportunity to stay here.” “I always knew there was something more for me, half my friends won’t even notice I’m missing, I’ll miss my father, but my mother will throw a party since I’m gone.” Theo looked at the girl, “I don’t know why people don’t notice you.” Theo’s blue eyes locked with Lauren’s blue eyes; he glanced at her lips but decided not to do anything right now. “I don’t get why people don’t trust you.” The two unlocked their stares and continued to attempt to track the witch. “You sure you are feeling alright?” Tyler looked at the alpha. “Ya, I’m fine just got light-headed this morning.” “You ran for like an hour with Lauren, and I know she doesn’t go slow, and then you didn’t eat you’re waiting to pass out like a bomb waiting to explode.” “I will not,” Liam snarled back at him, secretly the bomb comment made his IED spark. “Geez, fine.” “I wish people would just believe me that I’m fine.” “Liam, your friends care about you.” “They shouldn’t I’ll probably end up getting them killed too.” “Fine, let’s talk about your lacrosse plays.” The two pairs searched the woods for two hours, finding no clues of any supernatural activity, all they saw were several deer and rabbits. “Not in the preserve,” Theo looked at Liam. “I mean a witch just looks normal; it’s probably living in town.” “How many deaths have to happen until we find it?” “I don’t know,” Theo looked down at the ground. The four teens got into Theo’s truck heading towards Mason’s house. Mason’s mom met them at the door, “Liam, Theo! Good to see both of you. How you holding up Liam?” Liam was basically her second son next to Corey; he has been Mason’s best friend forever. He spent a lot of time at their house, his parents having strange work schedules. The boy looked worn out, black bags under his eyes, and she could tell he lost some weight. “I’m good, Sandy.” “Theo?” “We’re holding in there,” Theo paused looking at Liam. She understood what the boy was indicating. “You two must be Lauren and Tyler! Mason told me what had happened.” Ms. Hewitt was strangely really chill about the supernatural world; she always knew Beacon Hills was a strange place. “Nice to meet you, Ms. Hewitt,” Lauren held out her hand. “Give me a hug and call me Sandy,” the woman wrapped the girl in her embrace. “You look so much like Liam I can’t believe it.” She glanced over at Tyler, “Aren’t you a handsome one?” She gave the boy a hug. Tyler shivered she reminded him of his own mom. “Thank you, Sandy.” Corey and Mason came down the stairs; Corey lived with Mason now the two were never apart. They all became pretty good friends with Theo, forgiving him for what he did, especially ever since the hospital. They all went up to Mason’s room. “So, Lauren is Liam’s sister not like I couldn’t tell that by your looks. Tyler is her Mason, and you are both from an exact same alternative dimension without supernaturals. Now, Liam’s an alpha because you two were reunited, and Peter, that man, is Liam’s actual father,” Mason summarized out loud, “Awesome!” Liam punched him for the Tyler is her Mason’s comment and smiled at his friend. Mason could always rationalize things especially for Liam. He has been doing it for him for years. “I’m Corey,” Corey finally greeted the two quietly. “The chameleon?” Lauren questioned. “That’s what you two call me,” he said looking at Liam and Theo offended. “How else would you like us to explain you?” Liam asked. “You do realize everyone calls you that,” Mason laughed at his boyfriend. The group quickly became friends, talking about the witch and plans, before starting some video games. Nolan and Alec arrived with pizza for lunch. “Round 2?” Lauren looked at Tyler. “Hi, I’m Lauren,” she reached out her hand to Nolan. “Okay, someone better explain right now what’s going on because we are extremely confused,” Nolan announced. Liam started to speak, but Theo stopped him before he could go on a Liam tangent. “First eyes, Dunbar.” Liam flashed his eyes at Nolan and Alec. “You’re an alpha now?!” Alec exclaimed. “So am I,” Lauren flashed her eyes next. “Liam and I are twins, and when we were reconnected we both became true alphas. Liam never knew his real dad, but Deaton figured out his real dad is Peter.” “Peter as in Peter Hale?” Nolan questioned. “Unfortunately,” Liam looked at his co-captain. “Oh, dude,” Alec looked at him. “So, where are you from?” “An exact alternate dimension without supernatural creatures,” Lauren responded. Nolan and Alec stood their shocked, “you know when I used to be scared of supernaturals, well it’s starting to reform.” “Holloway, if you become a hunter again; I will kill you,” Theo looked at him. “Theo, you aren’t helping your cause,” Nolan looked at him. “I’m joking, so mind blown at this point, but I’m starting to get used to this.” “Also, there is a witch loose that killed a hunter,” Liam looked at them. “A witch?” Alec asked scared. “That killed a hunter?” Nolan echoed. “So, we have both to worry about now?” “Yes, but it’s fine we’ve been through worse,” Liam looked at them reassuringly. “Plus, the rest of the McCall pack will be back soon.” The group decided to talk about lighter subjects, basically playing 20 questions, as they sat down to eat the pizza. They were acting like a normal friend group; it was nice. Theo thought to himself, “wow, I actually missed having normal friends,” thinking back to how Scott, Stiles, and him played as children. Liam got up to use the restroom, leaving his one piece of pizza half ate while everyone else ate at least three slices. “What’s up with him?” Nolan looked at them. “He’s getting worse.” “He’ll barely talk about it,” Theo looked at him. “He won’t forgive himself.” “I just don’t get it; he didn’t even kill them. You killed people; I almost killed you guys, and we forgave ourselves mostly,” Nolan looked at him. “I don’t think it’s that simple,” Mason looked at him. Liam walked back in causing everyone to turn at him, “What?” “Liam, we are just concerned about you; we are really worried you’re going to get yourself hurt,” Mason looked at him. “I’m fine you guys need to stop worrying about me and focus on the real issue here. Do you guys want to play or not?”

The group played for the rest of the night until Liam managed to pass out of the couch in between Theo and Tyler. “He looks exhausted,” Mason looked at them. “He worn himself out lately; he barely eats, sleeps, or rests,” Theo looked down at the boy. “I haven’t saw him be this hard on himself in a while,” Mason looked at him. “When Liam got kicked out of Devenford, he wouldn’t forgive himself until Scott bit him, honestly. Also, when you had him almost kill Scott; he was awful until Scott finally forgave him.” Theo looked down; he still barely forgave himself for what he did to Liam back then. “Sorry I didn’t mean to bring it up,” Mason looked at the chimera. Theo picked up Liam, “thanks for everything Mason.” Lauren and Tyler said their goodbyes as well as Theo carried the sleeping boy to the truck. “I like them,” Lauren said getting into the car. “Me too,” Tyler looked at her smiling. Liam woke up as they approached his house, “what happened?” “You passed out on Mason’s couch, Little Wolf,” Theo looked over at him. “You need to get some rest badly; please don’t go workout tomorrow morning.” Liam tried to get out of the truck by himself but lost his footing under him; Tyler caught him before he hit the ground and decided to carry him to the house. “I’m worried about him,” Lauren looked over at Theo. “You have no idea how much I am, thank god Scott comes home tomorrow, I don’t know how to care for someone.” “Really you seem to be doing a pretty good job?” “Thanks,” Theo looked the girl in the eyes. “You look tired too, go get some sleep tonight.” “Goodnight Theo.” “Goodnight.” Lauren woke up looking at the sun shining in the window, her phone read 8:00, “wow I slept in,” she thought. She threw on some athletic clothes, Ms. Dunbar had nice clothes, but she preferred athletic clothes all the time. She walked down to the smell of coffee. Theo was sitting in the kitchen with Tyler. The chimera handed her a cup of coffee, black just the way she liked it. “Tyler told me you like real coffee,” Theo glanced at Tyler drinking his with milk laughing at his own black cup of coffee. “Thanks,” she smiled at him. “I thought you would never get up Whren,” Tyler laughed at her. “Just because I slept in later than you once in my life doesn’t mean anything.” “I think Liam is going to sleep forever; he’s always up by now,” Theo looked an walked up the stairs he could hear the boy’s heartbeat, and he was starting to worry. “Liam?” Theo opened his bedroom door; the bed was a mess, but empty. “Liam Dunbar; I’m going to kill you,” he muttered to himself. “Well he’s not here,” Theo told the other two. “Probably went to run or something, we’ll give him hour, before we go look.” Suddenly a very loud car pulled up to the house; Theo would recognize the sound of that stupid jeep anywhere. “What am I going to tell Scott I lost Liam, I mean he’s not his beta anymore, but he still loves the kid,” Theo thought to himself. Suddenly, Liam stumbled out of the passenger seat; Scott helping him inside. “Morning, Theo; I found something almost falling over on the side of the road,” Scott looked down at Liam. Theo shook his head at the alpha who was staring down at the floor. “I’m fine I just got tired,” Liam looked at them. “That’s why I told you not to go workout.” Liam sat down in a chair, clearly done with this conversation. “Lauren? Tyler?” Scott asked the two. “Scott McCall, the first true alpha in Beacon Hills,” Lauren reached out her hand to the boy. “Apparently, I’m not the only one now,” he smiled at her. Tyler reached out his hand to the older boy, “I can’t believe another banshee.” “So, I hear we have a witch problem?” Scott asked them. “You know I would have liked to have somewhat of a summer break.” “It’s Beacon Hills,” Liam looked at him. “That it is.” The group caught Scott up on everything he had missed while enjoying breakfast. “I haven’t even gone home yet, Mom’s going to kill me,” Scott looked at them. “Tomorrow when Stiles and Lydia get home, we’ll have a pack meeting.” The rest of the day was laid back; Liam and Tyler went to the field to play lacrosse while Theo decided to go on a run with Lauren. “Ugh, you’re even faster than Liam; I’m a chimera, not a werewolf,” Theo looked over at her. “I’ll slow down for you,” Lauren rolled her eyes at him. “I still could kill you; you know?” “But you wouldn’t” “Confident, are you?” “Like you’re not?’’ Lauren suddenly gripped her head feeling sharp pain. “What’s wrong?” Theo looked at her. “Not me, it must be Liam. If I can only feel some of his pain, this must be bad then.” Theo and Lauren turned and jumped in Theo’s truck and headed straight to the school. “Damn, you do have a nice shot, puppy,” Tyler looked over at Liam. “Stop calling me that.” “What can’t handle the truth puppy?” Liam was already angered at this point as he shoved Tyler to the ground. “I don’t get how you are still so strong,” Tyler said as he got up rubbing his back. Liam smiled at him, “You think that was using my strength.” Liam picked up the lacrosse stick and threw a ball at the net going right through it. “Is that even legal?” Tyler smiled at him. Suddenly, the light post behind them fell. Tyler didn’t have time to react; he was focused more on a woman with long, black hair running away from the scene. Liam jumped and shoved him out of the way letting the post fall on him. “Liam!” Tyler screamed shattering the glass that hadn’t already broke. He didn’t think about Liam dying, so hopefully he wasn’t, but he still wasn’t sure how well his banshee predictors looked. He ran over to the boy’s side; he felt his hand feeling a weak pulse. He tried to lift the post off of him, but he knew he couldn’t. “Liam, wake up, please wake up.” Theo tossed Lauren his phone as they jumped in the truck, text the “Puppy Pack” group chat and say if they are closer to the school than the preserve go there now. “You really call yourselves the Puppy Pack,” she looked at him. “Not really the right time,” he glared at her. Nolan and Alec live right by the school; they both jumped in Nolan’s car and headed over. Mason and Corey were on a walk that direction and walked over when they received Theo’s text. “How’s the pain?” Theo looked at her. “Bad, it’s getting worse, oh Liam.” “Call Scott.” Theo couldn’t believe he was reaching out for McCall’s help, but if Liam was in this much pain and neither Liam or Tyler were answering their phones it wasn’t good. “Theo?” Scott answered. “It’s Lauren; Theo’s driving. Liam is in a whole lot of pain, go over to the school now.” “Got it.”

Corey and Alec were the first ones to arrive at the field. Nolan saw the pole down on the field and had an awful fear of what had happened. “Alec let’s go I think I am going to need your strength,” Nolan grabbed his boyfriend’s hand dragging him out of the car. “Is he breathing?” Nolan looked at Tyler. “Barely.” Alec, Nolan, and Tyler grabbed the pull, but one human, a banshee, and one werewolf weren’t budging the metal pole. They didn’t hear Mason and Corey walk up as Corey was invincible holding on to Mason. Mason rushed to Liam’s side holding his best friend’s wrist checking his pulse. “It’s really weak,” Mason looked at them. “Theo and Lauren should be coming, but I don’t know if they are going to be enough to lift this up.” “How did you find us?” Tyler was almost crying looking worriedly at Liam, crushed under the pole. “Lauren felt his pain,” Nolan looked at him. “Theo texted us to get over here.” Scott pulled in next, “oh my gosh, Liam!” He joined the rest in their efforts, but even the alpha wasn’t enough to do this. “What happened?” He looked at Tyler. “It just fell over; I saw with black hair run away. I wasn’t paying attention, but Liam pushed me out of the way, before getting crushed under himself.” Theo and Lauren pulled in as Scott was about to call 911 to get help. “Stop, we got this.” Theo looked at him, clearly shaking seeing Liam lying unconscious. Theo looked at Scott as the two with Lauren, Alec, Tyler as well as Nolan picked up the pole. Mason and Corey were holding Liam, ready to pull him up as soon as the pole was moved. They used all their power; Scott and Theo clearly taking most of the weight and picked it up enough for Mason and Corey to slide the boy out from under. Tyler was shaking looking at him unconscious. “It’s not your fault,” Lauren looked at him. “It should have been me.” Scott called Sheriff Stilinski about the incident as Theo picked Liam up taking him to his truck. “Liam come on don’t die on me, Liam you got to wake up,” the chimera looked down at him. “I’ll meet you at the hospital,” Scott looked at him, beckoning Alec, Tyler, and Nolan to get in the car with him. Lauren jumped in Theo’s passenger seat as Mason and Corey laid Liam across their laps. “Mason let me know if he stops breathing,” Theo looked at him. Lauren gripped Liam’s hand watching black veins go up her arm; the pain was even worse for her feeling some of Liam’s as well as his pain already surging through her side. Theo could hear her clenching her teeth, “stop, if it hurts too bad.” “I’m not stopping he’s my brother.” Theo pulled into the hospital, grabbing Liam from the backseat taking the pain away from Lauren. Lauren almost collapsed from the pain, but Corey grabbed her before she hit the ground. “Thanks,” she looked at him before blacking out. Mason and Corey looked at each other; Mason grabbed her other arm. “Theo!” Corey called out, but it was too late Theo was already inside trying to find Melissa. Scott and the rest of them pulled in, running into the hospital. “Scott! Nolan! Someone!” Mason called out. They all didn’t hear him. Corey and Mason looked at each other and carried Lauren into the hospital. They followed the sound of Melissa’s voice in the special room she had set up for her “supernatural” cases. They broke in still carrying Lauren unconscious. “What happened?” Tyler looked at her, grabbing her from their arms. “She took too much of Liam’s pain; I told her not too,” Theo looked at her, grabbing her arm, taking away the pain. She gasped awake. “Next time listen to me,” Theo helped her to her feet. “Yes, Raeken.” Melissa was hovering over the Liam, putting an IV in his arm. “He has broken ribs, broke vertebrae, and fractured skull. If he wasn’t a werewolf, he would be dead. Fortunately, he is one, he’s still weak though. I don’t know how fast he is going to heal; it usually doesn’t take that long. Does it Scott?” Scott shook his head no looking at his mother, “he isn’t letting himself heal.” “He’s barely been sleeping or eating, since his parents were killed his body can’t handle it either,” Theo looked at them, grabbing Liam’s hand. “Guess we are going to have to do this partially the normal way,” Melissa looked at them. “Liam, your stepdad would kill me if I let you die. I need room, everyone out except Scott and Theo, I need your help.” “Ms. McCall I’m his sister,” Lauren whined. “And I watched you just regain consciousness, you need to rest,” she looked at the girl, feeling sympathy for her. Tyler carried her to the waiting room as he sat there worried for Liam, she fell asleep in his arms. Mason and Corey were holding hands sitting there, while Alec was nodding off on Nolan’s shoulder. “Theo, Scott, you have to hold him down; I’m going to have to brace everything to help them heal.” Melissa put a back and neck brace on the boy, checking his IV and his heart rate which was scarily low for him. “I gave him some morphine as well as fluid; Liam you got to stay strong,” she held the boy’s hand. “We care about you kid.” Peter, Derek, and Malia walked into the waiting room. “Where is he?” Peter asked them. “Melissa kicked us out of the surgery room,” Mason looked at him. “Are you actually concerned?” “He’s my son,” Peter looked at him. Mason and Corey looked at each other, impressed, and still scared of the man. Theo looked at Scott, ”ever since you guys left after his parents’ funeral, he hasn’t been the same. He has been running himself to the ground, not caring about anything about avenging his parents’ death. I can’t believe I’m saying this Scott, but I need you I can’t do this by myself.” Scott looked at Theo, “Actually Theo, I think you have been doing a pretty good job.” Theo looked at the alpha shocked. Scott was okay with him now, but never praised the chimera before. “You actually care about Liam, you’ve changed Theo.” “He’s like my little brother, I owe him my life, he brought me back from Hell. You don’t know what it was like in there.” “I’m sorry you had to go through that,” Scott looked at Theo. “Scott McCall always has to be noble; you know I deserved that Scott I killed you.” “I also now you were manipulated when you were 10 years old.” “I mean I’m traumatized by Hell, but also it did change me it made me realize I may not be good, but I can fight on the right side.” Scott looked at Theo, “he’s going to wake up.” “He better or I’m going to beat him back to life,” Theo smiled at the alpha.

Melissa walked into the waiting room, “didn’t expect to see you here,” she looked at Peter. “You never cease to amaze me with your beauty, Melissa.” “My boyfriend also knows how to shoot werewolves quite well.” Derek and Malia laughed at loud at that comment. “I got him stable; he’s alive, but he’s weak. He’s healing but barely. You guys can go in, but please be quiet. We usually let only family in, but I’m not going to say all of you aren’t family,” she smiled at them. Lauren walked in and reached for Liam’s hand, looking at him broken. Theo grabbed her hand before it touched his. “Not again,” he smiled at her, keeping ahold of her hand. “How long until he wakes up?” Tyler looked at them. “He wouldn’t be knocked out right now if, he didn’t sacrifice himself for you,” Peter looked at him. Malia punched him, knocking him to the ground. “It’s not your fault, Tyler,” Scott looked at him. “It was the witch’s doing.” “And we are going on a witch hunt,” Malia looked at them. Liam suddenly stirred, slowly opening his eyes. “Hey, Liam how do you feel?” Theo asked him. “Like I got a metal light post thrown on me,” he grunted through the pain. “And that’s my son,” Peter looked at him. “I’m still not claiming you,” Liam looked up at him. “I at least did come to see if you’re okay.” “Father of the year,” Lauren rolled her eyes at him. “Can we leave now? I hate it here,” Liam looked at Scott as if he was going to break him out. “No, you aren’t leaving Liam,” Melissa scolds him. “Half of your bones are still broken, and you are barely healing. There is no way; you can even stand right now. You are staying the night.” “Melissa,” Liam whined. “Liam, you’re staying. Okay I think Liam needs some time to rest; only one person is allowed to stay with him.” Scott looked at Theo assuming he would want to stay with him. Theo hated the hospital ever since having nightmares of Tara climbing out of the morgue, fighting the ghost riders in there, thinking Liam was shot, when Gabe was. Liam knew that too, “Theo you don’t have too.” “I’ll stay with you,” Lauren spoke up. “Are you sure?” Theo looked at her. “I can it’s just,” Theo didn’t want everyone to know how much he feared the hospital. Lauren put her hand on his shoulder, “I’m sure.” Alec, Nolan, Mason, and Corey said goodbye to Liam first. “Text us if you need anything,” Mason told his best friend. Malia and Derek left next, leaving Peter behind to say his own goodbyes. “Do me a favor and not die on me,” Peter looked at his son. “Like you would care,” Liam muttered at him. “Despite popular belief, I do.” Scott looked at Liam, “please don’t make my mom mad at you; I need you.” “Liam are you sure you don’t need me?” Theo questioned him. “Yes, Theo I think I can live without you for one night.” “Just checking, Little Wolf.” Tyler looked at Liam, “I’m so sorry this is my fault.” “It’s not your fault, Tyler, I promise,” Liam looked at him. “Do you need anything?” Theo looked at Lauren. “I’ll be fine, thanks though.” They left leaving Lauren alone with Liam. “Thank you,” she looked at her brother. “For what?” “Saving Tyler, he’s my best friend I don’t know what I would do without him.” “Anyone would have done it.” “No, Liam you are wrong, not everyone would sacrifice themselves for someone else.” “I’m a werewolf; I knew I would heal, he wouldn’t.” “Did you know, or didn’t you care?” Liam went silent. Melissa came back in to check on the two; she gave Lauren some blankets to sleep on the couch and check Liam’s vitals. “Liam you need to rest; your body needs to heal.” “Thanks Melissa.” “You’re welcome sweetie.” Tyler looked at Theo as he climbed into the truck, “how do you forgive yourself knowing something is your fault?” Theo sighed, “it wasn’t your fault; that witch was trying to kill one of you, but honestly I’ve never forgave myself. I just chose to make it up to the people I’ve hurt. Liam doesn’t hold you accountable for anything. I mean I almost convinced him to kill Scott, and now he’s my best friend. I really don’t think Liam could be mad at you anyways.” “Thanks, Theo, but Liam couldn’t be mad at me?” “Have you saw the way his puppy dog eyes look at you?” “Like how Lauren looks at you.” Theo slammed on the breaks sending Tyler slamming into the dashboard. “What was that for?” the banshee questioned him. Theo smirked and kept driving. “Lauren?” “Yes, Liam.” “How are you so calm with everything? When Scott bit me, I freaked out I couldn’t control myself turning.” “I think it’s because I knew there was something more that I should be. My whole life I didn’t know who I was or what I should be doing; this just made sense to me.” “See you’re meant to be an alpha; I’m not.” “Liam you just sacrificed yourself for a member of your pack, and you don’t find yourself to be an adequate leader?” “You think Tyler wants to be a part of our pack.” “Our pack? And yes, I think Tyler is very fond of you.” “I feel like we are better together, and Tyler’s fond of me.” “Yes, little brother, we are better together, and Tyler might be more than fond of you.” “You’re like max 5 minutes older than me, and like how fond as Theo is of you.” “Shut up Liam and go to sleep I’m still older,” she smiled at him. Liam laughed and shut his eyes falling into a deep sleep. Lauren woke up to the sun peering through the curtains of the hospital; she was shaken she just had a dream Liam’s heart stopped beating. She looked over at the sleeping werewolf, the heart monitor was still beeping slowly, but steadily.

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