Her Universe by Odalis Sanchez Cortez
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What do you feel when he’s suddenly gone? Whether it’s a boy or a father, how do you feel? Do you recover?
“Identify” -O.s.c.

Her Universe by Odalis Sanchez Cortez

You see, I knew about this girl with bright, bright eyes

She had worries and fears but never any tears in her eyes

She felt pressure from time, She thought she would never explore the Planets of stars that never ever die

Nowadays people have so much to do and even more to say but not Her

She just wanted to find Her way

This girl with bright, bright eyes heard the tick tock from millions of clocks

It was evident from the gleam in Her eyes that Her time was not up

You see, the Sun does not revolve around the Earth and the Earth does not revolve around us

No no no, but She was the exception

The Sun forgot about gravity, its embrace on the Earth weakened bit by bit

Earth danced around and around this little girl with bright bright eyes

She was enamored, enchanted by Him to the point where it was beyond pitiful

The Earth enjoyed the gleam in Her now sunken eyes

He tested Her power and tempted Her fury one too many times

He waltzed with the Sun when Light Years got them nearby and chose to forget about some familiar bright, bright eyes

So what about the girl with mesmerizing stellar eyes?

She became colder than the icy rings of Saturn but bitterness did not overcome Her light

She understood this incomprehensible galaxy composed of eight unimaginably magnificent planets and 100 million shiny stars

It was catastrophically beautiful

Time continued, time sped by and so did the girl with bright, bright eyes

She went on to find Her way and guess what;

She explored every single star of Planets that never, ever die

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