You Are Not Alone
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dtraina Beginner poet
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To my middle Child in Jr High

You Are Not Alone

Sometimes I see a deep concern in you

Like you wonder if your ever gonna make it through

Events seem big, and at times they may weigh a lot

Often feels like too much but you know its not

So much in life is only temporary

What hurts us one day isn't always something we will carry

So Son if you can hold on through the darker times

Know they don't last. Your on the wake of what will be sublime

Sometimes its hard to see the love that's all around you

Reach out your hand and you will feel it grab and pull you through

See sometimes in life we need to have blind faith

Till desperation fades and shows we have a better fate

Always know I love you more than words could ever say

I see your struggle but just know I think your doing great

And you know we may not always see eye to eye

I'm not perfect but you know that I would never lie

So when that anger rises up inside you

Please believe me when I say that feeling isn't true

Its a response to how your seeing things at the time

Take a breath, step back you'll see that things are fine

You know your Mom and I will always have your back

Through thick and thin were at your side when you feel attacked

So rest assured when there's something that's concerning you

You're not alone, were always there to help you make it through

No matter what gets thrown at you all throughout the day

Take rest in knowing you are ours and we are here to stay.

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