Miraculous: WHY?!
Miraculous: WHY?! angst stories

drunkfruitbat_2 I like wolves |zodiac- Cancer
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I ship Adrien with Chloe .

Miraculous: WHY?!

I ship Adrien with Chloe because she listens to him and he might be the only one who can calm her down.

And since they were friends for a long time, he might be the only one besides Sabrina who knows how to keep her calm and not acting like a complete jerk. Her mom is neglectful.

Did she even want a child anyway? Why did Chloe's stepsister come out of the blue? Chloe deserves better! Marinette is a stalker, a thief, and a liar.

The worst part was when a firefighter helped her climb the wall of the Agreste mansion. And they say she was supposed to be a role model for little girls. Shame on you, Thomas!

I feel sorry for Chloe her crush is interested in a clumsy girl who stalks him but he doesn't know. I feel sorry for Adrien as well because his dad is hardly around his mom is in a coma and he gets stalked by his "friend" Marinette. I knew this show was weird and so is Thomas. He clearly needs a therapist.

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