Chat Blanc: Rewrite
Chat Blanc: Rewrite stalker stories

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Gabriel shows Emilie to Adrien way earlier. After Bunnyx shows Gabriel the alternate bad future instead of Marinette. Chloe acts nice like she did in season 2. Gabriel knows Marinette stalks Adrien. I apologize if it's not in the correct order, but its fanfiction.

Chat Blanc: Rewrite

Gabriel calls Adrien into his office. He says he knows he is Chat Noir. Adrien is shocked. How asks Adrien. I noticed that you and Chat Noir had the same ring, says Gabriel.

I have to show you something. He leads Adrien down to the raspatory where Emilie was in her comatose state. Adrien is shocked. He asks Gabriel how could he keep something so important from him.

I need both miraculous' from you and Ladybug, Gabriel says. Dad, you could take her to the hospital, Adrien replies. Do you think it will save her Gabriel asks Adrien.

Since we're rich and famous, she'll get the best doctors money can buy. I'll try it. It's better than nothing. They take her to the hospital. After two weeks, they get an update.

She is starting to get better. Slowly. They decide to have a small party to celebrate. Marinette was not invited.

Gabriel told Adrien that Bunnyx showed him that Marinette has a schedule of everything he does and when he does it.

Adrien deciding to test this, gathers some friends (Chloe too), a few adults, and pretends to be a wax statue. Marinette walks over, staring him up and down. Then she SNIFFED him! Their eyes went wide. After that, she took a piece of his hair and put it in her purse.

Then they froze again when Marinette looked in their direction. Finally, Marinette tried to kiss him. He jumped away. Marinette looked shocked. Adrien and the others walked away.

Adrien walked over to Chloe's mansion. Chloe was eating some Indian food from the restaurant her and her family went to the night before.

Her butler opened the door, and announced Adrien's arrival. Chloe walked over and greeted him. She asked what was wrong.

Adrien tells her about the prank he pulled on Marinette and how it turned out.

Adrien told her that if she pretends to date him, Marinette might leave him alone, at least until his dad manages to file a restraining order against Marinette. She agrees. They start dating.

Only their closest friends and parents know of their fake relationship. Chloe's mom was proud when she heard how this fake relationship was helping Adrien.

Gabriel told Adrien it was a clever scheme. Marinette became curious as to why Chloe and Adrien were spending so much time together. But, no one ever said anything about it.

Finally, she asked Adrien why Chloe was around him so much. He told her that they became better friends. Right....

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