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If you haven't heard this song..I recommend you give it a listen. And give Capital Steez the recognition he deserves

By: Capital Steez


by Capital Steez

I'll admit that I don't know what love is

I still tend to use the word "like" in the wrong sense...

The best thing I had...I was in a rush to throw it all away..

end it on a note with nothing more to say...

Let alone drop the pot try to make up for old mistakes..

We want it all but on a larger plate..

I learned too late and can't have her...

I brought the silver platter, but it's like it never mattered.

Now we can do the unthinkable...

My mind's post grad, but my heart's back in middle school..

People say moving on is always the hardest thing to do

cause even then I'mma think of you..

My one and only, you're the first of many

The best I ever had or the worst of plenty

But if I had a second chance I would be a better man

Just to insure that ya won't forget me

I never knew a love like this

So there's no way id give it up that quick

And each day i learn a bit about my self

So, disregard all this confidence, see

We all do it, we're all human

And I don't know it all so we can walk through it

And I know sometimes I talk foolish

But if you have the slightest doubt in me, then I'd prove it.

I lost love so what's left to lose?

What's next to prove is when I'm next to you

That I'm a better man, and I'm far from perfect

I'm just hoping you'd accept it too

And if not, I can't blame you for that

I gave you more than enough reasons not to take me back

But on the same note there's a reason to try again

I understand you don't have to invite me in

When you tried I shut it down quick and early

We both know how I handled things immaturely

One thing I learned about love is no matter what they say

"Picture perfect is never certain"

Women learn faster then men do

But this is something I would gladly rekindle, see

You probably thinking this was easy to write

But the first two went through half of my pencil

Love isn't a crime and it can build the most simple of minds

If it's given with time and this is all I can give you of mine

A piece of my heart and if you didn't wanna listen it's fine

This is all i can give you of mine

And if you didn't wanna listen its fine

So I'mma just sit and rewind

Reminiscing because you're just another victim of time..

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