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Biker!Bucky x reader
Just a little oneshot I needed to get out of my brain.

Need A Hand

Your car sputtered and coughed up a bunch of steam, and you pulled over to the side of the road. You pulled on your hair as you got out of your car to take a look at the engine.

Okay so you had basically no idea what you were looking at. With a sigh, you pulled out your phone, only to see it was basically dead. Just great.

Now you would have to hope someone would be kind enough to stop that wasn't some major creep.

A few minutes later, a soft rev of an engine came closer and you saw a motorcycle pull beside your car. A handsome, muscular man hopped off his bike.

A leather jacket rested on his shoulders and he had gorgeous blue eyes.

"Need a hand?" He asked flashing a charming smile.

"Yeah, I, uh, I don't really know what happened. One minute she's doning fine, the next..." You gestured to the steaming car.

"May I?" He asked pointing to the hood.


He stuck his head in the engine and began touching a few things. Humming a soft tune, he looked over a few more things before turning to you.

"So, there's a few things wrong with it and my shop's not too far from here." He said before pulling out his phone and typing a few things.

"My buddy Steve is gonna tow your car over and you can ride to the shop with me."

"How much is that all gonna cost?" You asked with a sigh.

He grinned. "Don't worry about it, doll. I've got it."

"Are you sure?" You asked with wide eyes.

"I'm sure, doll." He chuckled before looking down the road. "And here comes Steve."

After giving Steve the keys and whatnot, you followed Bucky over to his bike, your nervousness starting to spike. He handed you a helmet with a soft smile.

"You can hold onto me as tight as you need to, okay? And I promise I'm a safe driver." He said before straddling his bike. "Come on."

You slipped the helmet on and got on the bike, hesitantly wrapping your arms around his waist. You could feel his muscles through his clothes and were not surprised how strong he was.


You gulped. "I guess."

"Alright, doll, here we go." He said before revving the engine and taking off.

You squeaked and tightened your grip around him and you felt the vibrations of his laughter. The drive there wasn't too long, just like he said, and you were relieved when it stopped.

"You good?" Bucky asked as he helped you off his bike. "You got quite the grip."

You took the helmet off and nodded your head. "Yeah, but I don't think it's my thing."

"It's not for everybody, that's for sure. Are you new in town? I feel like I would remember a pretty dame like you."

He was laying on the charm. You smiled at him. "Yes. I'm actually moving in. My car probably died because of all the stuff I was moving."

Bucky hummed. "Okay, I heard someone was moving into town, no one mentioned how pretty you are. I'd love to give you a tour of the town, if you're interested."

You laughed at his boldness. "How about we see about my car first?"

He licked his lips and smiled. "Yes ma'am."


It had been a few weeks since your run in with the handsome biker and he always managed to show up when you needed him most.

He had been very helpful in moving things into your new house, and you became fast friends. He had invited you to a barbeque he was having, and you agreed to go.

He said he would pick you up on his bike, which you had gotten more used to, since Bucky insisted you ride with him. But you would be lying in you said you didn't like the close contact.

Breaking you out of your thoughts, you heard the purr of his motorcycle and walked outside.

"Hey doll!" He beamed. "Ready to go?"

You nodded and slipped on your helmet before straddling the bike. You wrapped your arms around him and Bucky let out a soft sigh of contentment, before driving off.

He may have gone a little faster than usual to get you to hold onto him tighter, but he wasn't going to tell you that. He drove right past his house and you were suddenly confused.

He drove for a bit longer before stopping at a beautiful park. One tree in particular stood out. Fairy lights strung across the branches and a picnic basket settled on a blanket.

"Bucky, what--"

He chuckled nervously and rubbed the back of his neck. "I kinda lied about the barbeque, but I wanted this to be a surprise. And you make me crazy like no other.

I swear, that day I saw you stranded on the side of the road, it was love at first sight. What I'm trying to say is, I'm yours, if you'll have me."

You tackled him in a hug before crashing your lips against his. He pulled you tighter against him and hummed into the kiss. You both part for air and noticed the tip of his ears were pink.

"Is that a yes?" He asked with a smile.

"Yes, you goof." You said before pulling him in for another kiss.

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