sugarcoat me
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Sugarcoat me like I've done for others

sugarcoat me

Sometimes my mind changes fastly like the pages of a calendar

I can make a June wind evolve into a thunder from December

But my veins are exhausted from trying to get better

Sugarcoat me like I've done for others

Control is not mine when my head is numb from the temper

And my subconscious system always makes me remember

The unsent letters,unsaid apologies and all of the bitterness

Sugarcoat me for a second

Coquetry with looks has never been my strongest talent

Maybe I am still recovering from the forgiveness I distributed

And the lingering fear of rejection that I still can't hide

Sugarcoat me,I'm just afraid of heights

But despite my reality and rocky attempts to climb

I'm not the person who can easilyleave your side

Understanding is all that I can offer with an addition

I'll be patient

I'll be quiet

But hang in there

We're only getting started

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