let the symphony flow
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the rhythm of my skin feels so forced

let the symphony flow

the rhythm of my skin feels so forced

when they're looking

and even when they're not

It feels so hard to be something i'm not

the words to my song feels so calculated

I've always been terrified of not being appreciated

but what happens when they do?

will it make me full?

will it finally make me feel cool?

the schedule changes due to ones who do not care

I expect everyone to understand what I choose to bare

but what will happen if they do?

will they honor me with a chair?

on that table I don't even want to stare

If I become the joke that I don't even laugh at

Is it going to be worth it in the end?

when I look into the clear water and don't see myself

when there's nothing left but a robotic reflex

to run as fast as I can when they call my name

to be an aide just to prove that I can get there

what will I confront when I don't want to stay?

why can't I just let the symphony flow?

and see how it goes?

maybe things will get better If let go of the control

because I'm just too exhausted to even discover

new ways to finally earn approval

so let the rain pour

let the stars align on their own

the world won't disintegrate If I leave it alone

maybe I'll find my chance when I refuse to be clone

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