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You used to walk down the hill To my house everyday

no guidance

You used to walk down the hill

To my house everyday

Just to sit across each other

In a balcony,we would always say

''We've been best friends since I came to this world''

Shared a bed,shared a past that we destroyed

Remember when we set the terrace on fire

And threw water balls to the strangers

I miss having you next to me in the theater

18 years together but now we're so distant

How can we make things different?

I miss jumping on couches

And making a mess in the lounges

When we walked hand in hand to hell

Remember how we used to make them jealous

When we were sisters from another mothers

I miss you everyday,I have no guidance

We all know I don't hear my words

When I shout them out with anger

And you know you can get me hurt

With a single snap of your finger

When did we stop running back to each other

After a battle not even 5 minutes later

I don't know when we're both going to feel forgived

But know that I love you for every minute of it

Your name would always come up

How I can I forget about the person

Who made me me ?

Did you forget the person

who made you free?

If i could go back to your childhood

I would ease all the pain they put you through

I'm sorry I wasn't old enough to understand

All things I had that you've never had

But remember I lost them way back

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