Can You See Me?
Can You See Me? button poetry stories

dragonrj I attempt to write.
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My button-poetry submission :)

Can You See Me?

The look you give me isn't fair. It's like I'm nothing, only air. You see just the surface, And that's my purpose, To just be silent and there.

I offer to do your paper, Your work is starting to taper. You smile and I, Feel myself begin to die, As you leave me to caper.

Why, why, can't you see? I'll do your work without a fee, I'll take all blame, I'll turn you tame, And it's because you startle me.

Green and black hair, Outfits with flair, A little nose ring, Your whole bad ass thing, The way that you don't care.

It makes me wonder, Makes my heart thunder, Because you're so hot, And I am so not, I'm scared that I will blunder.

I will go to the ends of world. Just to see our story unfurled. A dangerous love, A burning dove, A gem, a diamond, a pearl.

Ah, if only, you could see, How much you mean to me! Beautiful, fair, But you don't care, So a crush is all you'll be.

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