My name is Bill Clinton. And I’m a Wizard
My name is Bill Clinton. And I’m a Wizard harry potter stories

draco welcome to my profile
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Get the fuck out of my kitchen

My name is Bill Clinton. And I’m a Wizard

Hi, you can call me Bill. For real though. Check my ID

For most, their ID photos are terrible But dang. Look at me. Have you ever seen a better looking dude?

Anyways. I’m on a mission. To help the good guys (hi Hagrid!)

And fuck the bad guys Hi douchebag!

My journey began in the kitchen.

Where I was minding my own business when.....

Holy crap! A Death Eater

Y know what spell I used against him?


I just punched him in the face and he fell over and ran away

Probably went to his mommy or something

Or I guess he called his friend

Can’t drink my coffee in peace this morning

My kitchen is a friggin war zone

Luckily I’m a badass with my wand

Yea you better run mothafucka

Oh come on. This is a kitchen

Nobody invited you

Bye bitches

Ok my kitchen finally had peace again.

So yeah that’s me

If you want to come visit my kitchen

I just cleaned it and took out all the Death Eaters. So you can come by and we can complain about trump together or something

You can find me on the Wizards Unite app. My username is BillClinton.

Come thru

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