Donald Trump Goes To Hogwarts
Donald Trump Goes To Hogwarts trump stories

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A parody commenting on President Trump, the ridiculousness of the magical world, and the plotline of the new Hogwarts Mystery game.

Donald Trump Goes To Hogwarts

My name is Donald Trump And this is my first year at the greatest school of all time. Hogwarts.

I still remember when I got my acceptance letter. I knew I would get an invitation. People who don't are lame.

I mean I got the best wand. I bought the wand that Voldemort had. The bald weirdo who supposedly was the greatest wizard ever (aside from me)

Behold. The most attractive wizard ever. I get all the ladies.

So off to Hogwarts I go

First thing's first.....listen to the ugly old people



And finally, it is time for me to be sorted And make Hogwarts great again

"Hmmm....very curious....a weird mind indeed"

"So much arrogance....yet so little intelligence......"

You're very low energy today Sorting Hat. You're not very good at your job

You are a bad hat. I will deport you to Mexico


No surprise there / Pretentious prick \ Boy am I good looking \

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