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don't you hate it then your mind fools around with you?


I was laying in bed then I heard the door moving. This was nothing special.

My mind always plays tricks on me and makes me think something is wrong

I learned to ignore my paranoia and tried to sleep again. Till something was off.

I heard the door again, but the sound was different.

more detailed and slower.

I tried to ignore it again and almost fell asleep.

but then ...

I don't know what happened.

I just needed to stand up out of bed.

dressed in my sleeping clothes, which were not more than jogging pants and a shirt,

I made my way to the door.

I tried to walk as normally as possible.

it wouldn't be anything anyway.

there is never something.

I looked at the entrance and as I thought...

was the door open?

It wasn't much but I clearly saw it open.

I could've forgotten to close it.

that also happens to me once in a while.

I'm just an airhead.

I moved to the door and closed it.

not a big deal! locked it too, just to be sure.

In the corner of my eye, I saw something.

the window was also open?

strange! I only open two windows in this flat.

and this was none of them.

whatever. must've forgotten about it.

I even lost my car keys despite them being in my pocket the whole time.


"stop worrying," I thought

and went to bed again.

I kindly ignored

the person standing in the corner

Hopefully, I imagined him either.

happens all the time


I woke up again.

why can't I just sleep for once?

the noises the floor made were unusually loud.




grabbed my arm.

pulling me out of bed.

a creature roughly looking like a person.

was holding me upwards.

pressing me against the wall.

long and thin arms with an astonishing force in them.

and similar long and thin legs carrying its Body

I was weirdly reminded of a water skipper.

It had no eyes but pretty big ears.

nostrils large enough to fit an egg in it.

and a mouth full of sharp-looking teeth.

am I too calm in this situation?

I couldn't help but wonder if our teeth are similarly ordered.


it started talking in an almost growling voice.


he expressed every word he said as detailed as possible


I couldn't agree, I forgot to take a bath today.

the creature opened its wide mouth

making a long and sharp tongue visible.

his mouth approached my face slowly.

and I just couldn't help it.

I bit its tongue off.

it screamed loudly.

and let go of my arm.

black looking blood came out of its mouth.

coughing and crying in pain.

I grabbed its arm then it tried to push me away.

"didn't you want to do this to me?"

I firmly grabbed its hands

and bit some of its fingers off.

another scream.

way too loud if you ask me.

"be quiet," I asked it politely, "you'll wake up my neighbors"

then I got a good hold of its throat and squeezed it enough for it to stop screaming.

not as if it didn't try, it just couldn't make a sound like that anymore.

"you know! this is your fault!"

I continued by devouring its arm.

"I ignored your presence and you just attacked me!"

the creature tried its best to loosen my grip.

"I really don't like doing this!"

I broke its legs and the other arm to keep it from moving too much.

"I really hate this!"

I walked outside for a moment to get a blowtorch and a knife.

"Everybody knows monster meat is best at medium."

the panicked gurgling sounds which the creature made continued to the very end.

the moment I reached its hearts.

This creature got two hearts, less than the last one.

It luckily didn't bleed that much.

cleaning up wasn't such a mess.

but I'm used to things like this.

it happens every time.

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