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Did you ever want to kill someone?

Life ending questions

She just stood there and looking into oblivion. focused on nothing, but with a Sad look on her face.

"Have you ever thought about killing someone?"

other people were confused, but I just looked at her sad face, which hid so much more than just sadness.

"totally yes. All the time to be honest."

Her expression didn't change! others were terrified at this answer.

"Did you ever killed someone?"

At this moment I was asking myself if she wants to insinuate something. just like the People I hate.

"No, I never did so far. I never had a reason to!"

the next moment of silence felt different. it wasn't longer than before but it felt more intense

"Do you want to?"

What a weird question even for me. But considering I hated Humans my whole life I wanted to answer it that way.

"Kinda. You know I always hated humans so why not?"

She slightly turned in my direction not enough to look at me but enough to notice, like she wanted to approach me.

"Would you like to kill me?"

So I did not misinterpret the look on her face. she feels similar to me. I can't allow that.

"No!" I said sure. "I don't kill my friends."

Her face got even Sadder. Almost despairing.


I took a deep breath

"Cause if I wouldn't have people like you, I would've killed myself a long time ago!"

Something changed in her expression.

"have you ever thought about killing yourself?"

I thought I answered that but she probably wants a more accurate answer.

"Yeah since my earliest childhood to be honest. it seems everybody hated me all the time every time."

the look on her face got a little sadder and she turned in my direction again more obvious this time.

"Why didn't you do it?"

I looked at her, Ready for it.

"Because I always had a few friends or family. no-one, I actually thought who loved me to be honest but people I hoped would be sad at some point if I die. Cause everything else had absolutely no Meaning."

and yet she asked another question.

"Do you really think someone would be sad when I'm gone?"

I hugged her slowly but surely and said:

"I definitely would be said if you were gone. And I would follow you to the pits of hell and kick you in the ass either!"

She hugged me back.

"You know what? if you ever need help just ask me! I'll be there for you, no matter what!"

Hugging me even tighter she asked.

"Really? and what if there is someone else that I need help with?"

I chuckled slightly, my answer is not the most serious, but it is what someone would expect from me.

"Well, that is easy! I kill the people who cause you trouble!"

she heard the humor I wanted to web into the sentence and giggled a bit.

"You wouldn't even give one of your knives?"

I looked at her questioning.

"As if I trust other people with my Knives! Nah I rather do it myself."

She actually laughed a bit louder. what a satisfying sound to hear.

"Ok! but don't screw it up then."

I looked at her slightly insulted.

"Do you know me? I would never leave a victim behind."

And with that, we started to continue making morbid jokes that got darker and darker with every word.

But I think, or I'd like to think, that I helped her on this day.

"You did what?" Was Charlotte asking, "I mean you know me for a week and you still ask?"

Since I met her and we talked about Specials has a week past.

"What is wrong with encouraging someone that way?", "You were talking about killing others!"

"I was talking about that all the time!", "Seriously?",

"Yes! If I wouldn't have started to get this attitude, people would've done worse things to me than insults!"

Accel was just watching us, "Guys! can we just eat first? We all have free today together we can use it for that!"

"Thank you accel the voice of reason, I can't stand those two any longer", "Excuse me? I just wanted to eat!"

both of my faces were starring at Charlotte. Sandwiches on the plates, fingers pointing at her.

"You asked me if I ever managed to save a friend of mine and that is how it saved her!" just keeping that attitude up, was exhausting. Damn Two Bodies!

"Yeah, you promised her to kill someone! Not exactly the way things should go, right?" Are you kidding me?

"That was symbolical. Sure if I have to, I would kill someone for my friends but who wouldn't?" Please get it.

"Yes, I understand that, but you shouldn't Promise someone something like that!"

"Come on! One of our favorite running gags came from things like that!", she looked at me judgingly confused.

"What Running gags. for example?", "You know how you usually say take care or don't get robbed or stabbed?"

She looked even more confused now, and so did accel. "No, I never heard of those but continue."

"Well, we wished us things like that jokingly and after a while I just said, you know, you should worry more about the people who actually try to rob me?"

she looked at me like she couldn't take me seriously. "Are you serious?" She laughed a bit and then continued.

"I bet in your later classes you were something between "the quiet kid" and "the class-clown". "the class-psycho" perhaps!"

I pretended like I needed to think with both bodies, scratching my imaginary beard, that one of them will never have anyways.

"Yeah, that sums it pretty much up you're right", "Are you finished yet?" Accel seems to get tired of this.

"You both still haven't finished your food and I wanted to do something with you two today."

"Okay; Ok, ok" we answered him and continued eating. I wonder what he has planned.

He said it would be perfect for four people.

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