Endless Journey. Mysteries
Endless Journey. 

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What if people who call themself gods call out to you? what if those people declared you as "Unworthy" millenias ago?

Endless Journey. Mysteries

"So give me your Hammer!", Justine looked at the small man, lifting a large smithing hammer thrice his size like it's nothing.

"But... Our weapons don't have a real physical form!?" Said, Justine questioning. The small man looked annoyed "You did understand me right?"

Justine nodded, "Then give me your hammer! And you boy! Give me your scythe either!" shouted the small man at Cato.

"You are not in Midgard! We smithed Weapons that aren't even touchable! So you can trust me that I can improve yours!"

The judges looked confused at each other, they thought all rules of physics are everywhere equally.

"Now! Do what you two want to do and come back In a day or two. I will show you how much potential lies in those beauties!"

With those words, they said goodbye to the dwarves and returned a few days later


a few hundred years later


"I think I finally figured out how to deal with you!" said adam out of the blue, they randomly invited themself to visit the judges

"What do you mean?" asked cato carefully. Adam giggled silently, "I think you too are easier to handle then we thought!"


"Honesty!" Said Eve to Justine in another room, "We usually never have to think of what we're saying so we lie once in a while."

Justine nodded carefully with a sarcastic "Uhuuuuu" in the end. "I mean we don't really want to but its the easiest way at this moment. Therefore the way we are choosing at those given moments!"


"That's ... not very fast of you to recognize!" answered Cato. "We always made clear that we hate lies! Especially because one of those made us question our whole existence.", he looked angry at adam, they never expected much of people.


"Ok, then I have one special question!" asked Justine similarly angry. "I will be completely honest." Eve laid her hand on her chest as a swear.


"Can you see what happens in the other realms?". Adam looked questioning. "What realms?" they talked about it a few minutes ago.


Eve giggled and answered, "Ok, ok. I answer now honestly!" she positioned herself right in front of Justine "No, we can't. But we knew the other realms exist."


"So do you know where this is from?" asked cato and made his Weapon appear. "Did someone... changed it?" asked Adam surprised.


"Yes.. a few centuries ago a few dwarven smiths took care of it!". Justine showed of her weapon with pride.

"I didn't even know that was possible." stuttered Eve. "How did you do that?", Justine shrugged her shoulders, "We found a Door!"


Cato looked at his scythe, "Or better said, we were led to a door." The scythe, which looked so simple before was now richly decorated.

veins of gold and silver ran across the skeletonized blades, which already looked like its made out of light. The same goes for Justine' Hammer.


"You know... a long time ago we talked to the people of the God realm. Call it "Olymp", "Asgard", or whatever you want."

Eve looked like she is lost in her thoughts while saying that. "They looked for us but seemed to be disappointed!"

Justine was thinking about her visit there. "Perhaps they want to give us a new chance." she said. Eve answered, "I do hope so!"


"By the way! We don't fall for your strategies anymore!" meant Cato. "What strategies?", "stop pretending. there is a reason you always split us."


"We really can't fool you?" asked Eve. "Not at all! I'll go and grab myself a coffee. That drink was just recently invented but I already love it! You should give it a try."

With that being said Justine walked out of the Room and met Cato outside. They both smiled and left their weapons at the Wise.

Which examined them a bit closer, like the first time in their live curious, while the Judges were adding some milk and sugar to their drinks.

which apparently wasn't usually done to it.

But what do they know? They just loved its Potential.

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