✨MY MOM DATING LINK AND MARTH?? | My Mom's day-to-day life with my dad 😮‍💨 and more| Irene ft. Six The Jackal, Amaru & Six's cussing (please spare me Commaful🤦)
✨MY MOM DATING LINK AND MARTH?? | My Mom's day-to-day life with my dad 😮‍💨 and more| Irene ft. Six The Jackal, Amaru & Six's cussing (please spare me Commaful🤦) smash stories

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Amaru with my dad... Note: all titles are accurate, I did this so you can look it up on Youtube later.

✨MY MOM DATING LINK AND MARTH?? | My Mom's day-to-day life with my dad 😮‍💨 and more| Irene ft. Six The Jackal, Amaru & Six's cussing (please spare me Commaful🤦)

Ready To Mingle

Marth: minasan, Jian tekudasai!(Everybody, please watch me!)


Amaru: Wow! A prince and a fairy boy!

Dad: Oh, COME ON Amaru!

Amaru: *making UwU

Dad: looks to the side* Oh my god! Whoa! I want her to train me!

Amaru: death laughter* NO *holds hammer then looks in silence* ... Actually, forget it. *dropps hammer on his head

Six: Beautiful choice Aunt Amaru! *rolls on the floor dying

Irene: Respect.

Watch the first video for more sense

Captain Falcon: YES!



Kirby and Bayonetta Swap Bodies

[kirby and bayonetta body swapping in progres...]

Bayonetta: Oh my, I feel so puffy! How cute. Isn't this fun being in eachother's shoes? How does it feel being me Kirby?

Kirby: freaking out*

Bayonetta: Oh, Kirby?

Kirby: Poyo!

Bayonetta: Oh! So you're fine! Is being a human a big change for you?

Kirby: Poyahaha!

Bayonetta: Oh I see, you're only happy because you finally have fingers. Cute.

Kirby: pokes Bayonetta a gazillion times*

Six: How cute.

Amaru: I know, right?

Irene: Bayonetta and Kirby are so cute together!

Six, Irene, Amaru: look at eachother with the same idea* UwU!!!


Just so you know, Six made this herself! Enjoy!

Sonic and Bayonetta Flirt With Eachother

Bayonetta: My, my, my. What a cutie you are.

Sonic: B-B-Bayonetta!

Bayonetta: Oh come on lolipop, don't you like it when I touch you-

Sonic: Bayonetta! S-stop!!!

Bayonetta: Oh Sonikku, wouldn't you want me over Amy?

Sonic: Huh, never took that into consideration... but...

Bayonetta: ?

Sonic: I've been meaning to ask you something... *blushes and fiddles with fingers*

Bayonetta: hmm?

Sonic: I love you Bayonetta...

Bayonetta: Why Sonic...

Sonic: I-I'm sorry! I didn't mean to-

Bayonetta: I love you too sugar.

Sonic: Could you go on a date with me?

Bayonetta: Could? No.

Sonic: *ears droop

Bayonetta: I will.

Sonic: Really? Y-you mean it?!

Bayonetta: Yes Sonic, and I have the perfect place...

At a bar...

Sonic: Y'know, Amy's always chasing me. Kissing me, trying to marry me, but you're different. You don't chase me with a ring, kiss me every time you get the chance, ha! You're not even clingy!

Bayonetta: Well I'm glad you won't have to deal with that anymore, but though... sucking lolipops are we?

Sonic: Heh... yeah, I'm not a drinker...

Bayonetta: True...

Sonic: Oh jeez!

Bayonetta: Sonic?

Sonic: Jeez where's Pandora??

Six: sitting on bar stool while sipping wine *Making out with Black Mage, why?

Pandora: NO I'M NOT.

Six: Princesses don't cry Pandora. Then you're sipping wine.

Pandora: NO I'M NOT.

Six: Princess don't cry Pandora. Then you decided to come.

Pandora: NO I DIDN'T SIX.

Six: Cause a princess doesn't cry (no)

A princess doesn't cry (no-o)

Over monsters in the night

Don't waste our precious time

On boys with pretty eyes...

Pandora: Jeez. Anyways, whaddya need Sonic?

Sonic: Two of your spare magic earrings.

Pandora: Sure! *makes earrings pop up out of thin air...* I'm positive these will go perfect with Bayonetta!

Sonic: Thanks Dora!

Pandora: Please don't call me Dora...😥

Sonic: Okay! *dashes off to Bayonetta* Okay Bayonetta, put these on, strike a pose, and say Bat Within!

Bayonetta: Bat Within! AHH!!! I'm a bat!

Sonic: Yep! My version!

Bayonetta: What a thoughtful gift sweetie, I love it.

Sonic: Me too...but not as much as I love you.

Bayonetta: Cute.

Sonic: And my chilli dogs!

Bayonetta: Hahaha!

Aww! This one was so cute!



What Best Friends Do!

Ryuji: Can I open my eyes now?

Ren: Yep, we're here now!

Ryuji: *gagp* You did NOT!

???: Yoshi!

Ryuji: Oh my god Yoshi!! RenRen you madman! *hugs Yoshi* This IS for real! Man you know how much I love Yoshi! Aw he's so cute and squishy! A dream come true!

Ren:*pushes Kirby towards Ryuji

Ryuji: ?

Kirby: Poyo!

Ryuji: RenRen I effin love you!!! *blushing with tears


This was real cute!

Thanks to Mom for the UwUs and fun, Six for making an awesome story, Grace for recommending this for us, and for singing one of me and Pandora's favorite song, Princesses Don't Cry.


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