In Honor of My Role Model

In Honor of My Role Model xxxtentacion stories

doriansummit Carpe Diem✌
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Paying my respects to my all time favorite artist who passed away a year ago.
He changed the lives of millions, including mine, and his death was one of the most tragic events that ever happened to me.

In Honor of My Role Model

I'd been lost, I'd been nowhere before

Right until I found him, he gave me a reason to live for

He let me believe that my life was worth it, though my heart had, for so long, been sore. Reasons to live for.... he gave me more and more

For which I really, truly adore

Everything he did,

Everything he said,

Everything he was.

My life was a chaos.

After hearing his voice, however

I found true pleasure

There was less pressure

Less signs for depression

He was my treasure.

I felt freed. Freed from stress, freed from anxiety. Discovering him was not only lucky

But was worth more than any money

Than anybody.

He gave me a purpose to live, literally saved my life. Can't thank him enough that I'm still alive.

I wish there was a chance to thank him. I wish we could talk.

Wish I could pay gratitude to him for everything he'd taught.

He taught me love, forgiveness, and respect

That I should get what I want for myself, not expect

Others to get it for me. That I should appreciate What I have until it's too late.

That it's not wrong to hate And not to leave anything for tomorrow, don't wait.

Life was cruel, however. Life took him away from me

And from millions of others that agree That he wasn't only inspirational

A motivation for many, So educational

But was also a hero, though controversial Some hated, some loved him, some stayed impartial.

But the saying goes: Either no words or only good ones about the dead For that reason, no offensive words can be said

Millions left crying, millions left mourning, Millions left sad.

He wasn't an angel at all times but he was definitely not bad.

He helped the children

Helped the depressed,

Helped the hopeless

All we ever needed, yet all we'll never have no more is his closeness.

He's left us, he's probably in a better place now

But he's not dead until he's remembered, that's a vow.

He wasn't an angel but deserves to be guarded by them forever, Deserves the best for changing a million lives for the better.

May he eternally rest in peace, Lord save his soul There's nothing else in this world that I could ask for.

He's like the king of the jungle, the legendary brave lion, You will forever live in our hearts, XXXTENTACION.

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